Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Letter H for House: 18th Mar'14

We had actually done letter H (twice: here and here), but he asked for letter H when we did letter X last week. I was surprised though, he told me, at the start of lesson that we've done H before. He really remember.

We started the lesson with greeting son, and tracing the feely (you can check here).

He was excited with H items, but had difficulty with
hornbill and hummingbird
Exhausted the art & craft for the letter given by Jann, I suggested that I draw a house for him to paint on. He said "No! I can draw myself!"
And so he drew

Even coloured them

The houses with windows and doors
Trees, one of them floating he said (the pink colour on top of the orange roof)
Blue clouds, he said the sky is blue
The green scribbles at the most right side is a man carrying a house
The patches below is grass.

And then he started adding "essence".. some "Chinese" words, some numbers.

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