Monday, 14 January 2013

Lesson A for Ant: 14th Jan'13

IZ fell ill yesterday, running temperature at highest 30.2degC and hovered around 38.5degC. I decided to skip school today although quite reluctantly as I really wish to keep the momentums going so we do not have to start all over again about the crying episodes. I guess I was over worrying as he was perfectly fine when I told him to get well soon so he could join his friends, and showed him pictures of his playdates cum classmates in school.
Although I’ve told myself to prepare the materials just after a lesson, so that I can do next lesson with him anytime, I was not prepared today. Yesterday was a busy day nursing his fever. Both of us didn’t get much sleep.
Like yesterday, he waited for me to prepare the materials.
We started off with the greeting song. He was smiling happily, and participated, and waved to me when we reached the part “Hello Issac, Hello Mommy”.
Then I took out the feely card, and he said “a”. I asked him to trace, he sort of get the hang of it, although wrong direction. I offered and say we can trace together. He let me guide his finger, and then he did it again on his own using straw as the pen. Innovative I should say..
Tracing letter a using straw - his idea
Then we listened to the Phonics rhymes for A (ants on the ankle) and then he took out the A items. They are more or less the same as the first lesson, the only difference is, I didn’t put in a fresh apple, but instead the apple craft we’ve done in Lesson A for Apple: 14th Jun’12. He could tell all except asparagus and ambulance. These are not terms we usually teach him. Probably I can try widening his vocab a little.

He could tell me where his ankle is
As he was rather cranky, he wasn’t in the mood to colour the ants. Instead, I asked him to choose what colour he like for the ants. I coloured the 3 essentials ants for our next activity. As I’ve made the ant stick puppets provided by Jann in Lesson A for Ant: 18th Jun’12, I have to do another set on my own, and an idea came to mind.
He coloured everywhere but the ants

I had to draw a new set


My version of stick puppets using straws
I figured I can’t do much with him, so decided to let loose to watch the Ants Go Marching video on YouTube. At first he didn’t understand what was going on, but eventually, he wanted to watch the video again and again, with the stick puppets, 1000 times.

.. marching one by one..

.. marching three by three..
Showing off the final work
Feely card & Craft for A  on the wall

Un-used material as of now.. he is not ready for such nitty art yet


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