Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Adult gets HFMD too..

Dear Hubby had fever on Mon, and went to see doctor. Yesterday (Tue), his buddy spotted a red dot on his palm. He told me about it at the end of the day. I asked if he had ulcers, he said yes, and thought I knew. Well, I didn’t know, otherwise I may have asked him to check with doctor if he has also contracted HFMD.. for sure from IZ.
He had 3 spots on his palm at the end of yesterday, and so we went to the clinic together with IZ. I saw that Dr Jasper was on duty, so I asked hubby to bring IZ in during consultation. I was not worried that IZ will get the contagious disease, as he’ll not get back the same HFMD strain from his daddy.
Doctor confirmed that hubby has gotten HFMD. He was given 3 days of MC. Seems like adults do not need to go back to the clinic to get clearance? But he was told it would be worse on adults than on kids.
And so, hubby also asked doctor about IZ’s One Day Clearance Certificate. He was surprised we were given the “fit for school for one day” statement, and said the computer may have done a mistake.
And so he wrote for us a memo clarifying that IZ has recovered from HFMD and fit for school.

Edited on 28th Jan'13:
Adults have to get clearance before getting back to work too!

Hubby went to clinic to extend his MC as he was still having painful throat, though the spots on his hands and legs were vanishing one by one. Sign of recovery.

Doctor said it's no longer contagious. So we can all bunk in the same bed again. :-)

End of One Week Quarantine
A week after recovery
IZ Back to School


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