Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Inner self

IZ: I talk to my inner self when my parents are not around
Teacher: you're very mature for your age
IZ: I know, many said that

Tuesday, 22 January 2019


IZ requested to put this up on internet April 2018.

Random things IZ Says

Backdate these to P2 days, as sometimes my Blogger app doesn't work.


IZ: Mom, I won something from the teacher, a sticker!
Me: Oh cool!
IZ: Ya, I got it coz I read something
Me: That's nice, did you make sure you read all the s correctly?
IZ: Yup! There was no s!



IZ simply refused to give away any of his books these days.

Desperate, I told him we will not buy any new book or magazine if the shelf has no space.. he went to tidy up the shelf, rearrange the books properly so that he has space to squeeze another one or two..

IZ: look mom, if the books are slanted, means it has space for more books!

Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon

IZ is pretty obsessed with Horrid Henry.

The books never failed to make him laugh.

PS: Not that I approve the horrid things Henry does! Haha!

Currently at home

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Into P3

As IZ enters P3, I'm very excited for him. It's a whole new world waiting for him to explore.

Science Subject
First weeks have been interesting. Pretty hands-on instead of boring textbook lesson I must say. I'm so glad there is Science Lab period!

Chinese Chess
To promote interest and authentic use of the Chinese Language for all P3 students, the school organised an immersion programme to introduce the basics of Chinese Chess.

1st lesson
While he knows how to swim, we've never taken any swim test. I would also like him to join his school friends in the programme, afterall hanging out together is a good bonding opportunity.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2019 Resolution

IZ's resolutions:
1) to conquer everything
2) to focus in everything
His own words.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

IZ Draws

Friday, 2 November 2018

IZ Draws

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Camping in Singapore

I bought him a tent for his 7th birthday last Dec. We haven't got a chance for the "opening ceremony".

Since I'm too busy at work these few weeks, I can't spend enough time with him, we decided to go for camping for family bonding time!

Tents these days are easier to set compared to my school days it seems.

We got the permit for ECP Site G, it's away from civilisation unlike Site D but we like G better.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. :-)

Monday, 13 August 2018

Dairy Farm Nature Park

After months of hiatus, we decided to resume our nature hike on Sundays, starting with Dairy Farm Nature Park.

Conquered the Bukit Timah Summit at 163.63m height.

No easy feat, we've not been hiking for a while, and we parked at the yellow trail, which is the most difficult trail to reach the summit.

Very proud of the kiddo!

Sunday, 29 July 2018

NDP 2018 Preview 1: 28.07.2018

Very grateful to be given tickets to the Preview 1 yesterday.. can totally feel all the efforts put in to make the event.. it's a million dollar experience, hopefully not our one and only opportunity!

Happy 53rd Birthday, Singapore!


Sunday, 22 July 2018


The kids were talking about another kid was punished by teacher for calling her bi*ch.

Iz, oblivious of the term said "it doesn't make sense.. how can a person transform into a female dog?!"


Sunday, 15 July 2018

Perseverance & Courage

10-16 laps across 1.4 to 1.8m depth pool, various styles every week..

Perseverance and courage.. the little tiger has surpassed me..

Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Learning calligraphy in school this term, came home with this on his school bag..

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Silent H

Lately he learnt words pronounce with silent H.

"If honest, honour, hour are read with silent H, what's the use of spelling them with the H then?

Thursday, 14 June 2018

N. Paganini

Tonight I decided to skip violin practice..

Not for long.. IZ asked to search for Paginini's on YouTube. And so we spent the whole night listening to some of the most difficult violin pieces and learning the life of Paganini.

One of the best "practice" days.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Lego can make anything

This is by far the most impressive piece he made.

There are steering wheel, driver seats.

The boots, doors can be opened, and the vehicle can even shoot!

Monday, 14 May 2018


Commented on her positive parenting towards her cancer stricken child, "All I have to do is make my child happy, the doctor will take care of the health".

Friday, 27 April 2018


"Today, N kicked T out of the soccer game (during recess). T was so sad he cried.

You know what I'm going to do tomorrow?

I'm going to invite T to join me for recess so that he will not be sad anymore.

And next month, I'll buy a ball so that I can invite him to play together."

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

IZ's 1st Performance with Seed Orchestra

IZ's first performance with the Seed Orchestra.

Venue: Cairnhill CC
Date: 13th May'17
Conductor: Mr Keita Suyama

Not perfect, but I know how much effort he's put in.

Thanks to buddy's family and Biaoyi for coming to support him. A boost of confidence before the show started. :-)

Keep it up, IZ!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

I can handle

IZ: mom, I know nerf gun is for 8yo..
Me: ya
IZ: I played with my friend's Nerf gun..
Me: and?
IZ: I think I can handle Nerf gun when I turn 7yo
Me: u think so?
IZ: ya, so instead of saving for power rangers Morpher, I'll save for Nerf gun
Me: :-D

IZ: Mom, u remember the time we were in Japan?
Me: ya what about Japan?
IZ: remember the chewing gum?
Me: (don't remember actually)
IZ: I think I can handle chewing gum already
Me: you think so?
IZ: ya
Me: :-D

Saturday, 18 March 2017

2016 In Review

Found this note in my phone written on the last day of 2016. 

A year we learnt about life (and death).

Demise of MIL brought out many emotions in us.

Guilty for all the rolled eyes moments, disagreements and silent protests.

Regret of thinking she will live forever. In fact, thinking everyone lives forever and ever.

Painful of the missing footsteps and compliments of what's coming out from the kitchen or oven. Cooked or half cooked. Tasty or not.

The buzz around IZ of his being. She would be excited to watch him going to P1 next week.

Dearly missed, still tearing, but we seek solemn that she is in better place, free from physical pain and suffering. And she will continue to watch over us.

Always in our heart.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Start of Primary school

Wow! Been so long since I posted!

Since then IZ turned 6 in Dec and started primary school too!

Life got so busy the first two weeks, I felt really overwhelmed (with new routine and information overloaded). Didn't help that I had to go for a short business trip on the 2nd week of school.

Before my memory fails me more, here's bits and pieces of the past 3 weeks.

Something to be thankful of, IZ enjoys the start of his primary school, and look forward to going to school everyday, including weekend. He would countdown to Monday on Saturday morning when he woke up. (While deep inside, I was like, Monday please don't come! - already Mon-bluish on Saturday)

4th week into P1, he's grown as a person.

Having helper since he was born, he (and I'm guilty as well) is completely reliant on others for EVERY LITTLE THING.

He's more independent now. We forced onto him to learn to clean up after himself after pooping. He carries his plate or cup when he's done with his meals. Brush teeth on his own.

I've also taught him to pack his school bag from Day 0. I wrote a list of things to pack, and since then he has never looked back. He took it upon himself to pack storybooks for his silent reading too (odd week Chinese, even week English). Well, he lost a Chinese storybook, and he felt upset about it. I felt heartache. :-( But this is the growing journey, I hope he would learn to take care of his belongings real soon.

There was one day he came home without any books nor his water bottle. He left everything underneath his desk. I am not sure what he was thinking about either. And that was the day he had the 1st school homework. I asked him to confess to his teacher the next day, and face the music himself. Surprisingly, the teacher was very nice about it, and told him she'd give him only one chance, the next time he forgets, he'll get marks deducted. Sigh.. I was hoping for something more severe. I wonder if he knows what's marks deduction means. :-D

Buying food has been fun for him. He enjoys spending money in the canteen. The fun of buying a bottled drink from vending machine, the power to purchase a sandwich in the canteen. He decided he eats too slowly (or maybe he's been chanted way too many a times that he's convinced he couldn't eat any faster), that he chose not to buy noodles nor rice. He opts for sandwiches, cakes or buns for lunch.

First day, he bought Yakult and a pandan sponge cake.
And subsequently alternate between pandan sponge cake and sandwiches.

Worried he wouldn't get enough nutrients, I decided to pack recess box for him. Of which, he gave me a schedule in return, to pack on Tuesdays and Fridays, and give him pocket money on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Now we fall into routine, which sometimes screwed, most of the times worked for us:

Wake-up: This is difficult, it's not easy for the kiddo to wake up at 6am. So the first 3 weeks, we had to rush like mad. This week onwards, he wakes up at 5.45am. Makes everyone's life easier.
Breakfast: a cup of milk with sometimes biscuits or bread or pau.
Shower: Warmed up after breakfast, he takes a quick shower to freshen up. I believe morning shower makes a difference on how he looks (fresh or not). Haha!
School bus: pick-up from downstairs everyday.

Depending on which day of the week, the school timing is not the same everyday:
Shower: first thing to do is shower after cooling down
Lunch: first proper meal for the day
School Homework / Spelling Practice* / Mom's Homework** / Violin Practice / iPad / Play: all these in no particular order as he prefers, but priority is for school homework, he has to finish them before I come home for the day.
Playground / Lessons: We are dropping all the weekday classes (drawing, violin X 2) so that he can play more. Starting Feb, he'll only have 1 lesson on weekday which is CHINESE! We cannot afford to give up Chinese!

Violin practice: if there's no lesson for the day
Spelling / Revision: if there's time left
Packing of school bag
Bedtime by 9pm (sometimes he'll knock out straight.. sometimes exasperatingly, he'd roll till 9.30pm)

*I make him responsible for his own spelling. He'll plan for himself on how many and when he would learn to spell the words in the Spelling list given by the teacher. Then he'll ask helper to test him. When I get home, he'll get me to test him. I find this way works for him, I do not have to sit down to work on it in the evenings, and focus on revising what teacher has taught for the day / week instead.

**Mom's Homework means homework dictated by ME, the MOM (not Ministry of Manpower). I put aside some workbooks including Word Search, copying of Chinese sentences, Maths work for him to do on days he doesn't have any school homework. I have been doing this for the past few months, he's been doing the work diligently. I think this is really important to start from young age so they take it as part of their daily routine.

Orchestra practice
Swimming lesson : on Sunday
Movie night
Sharpening colour pencils / pencils

Thursday, 7 July 2016

"What do you want for your birthday, Mom?"

IZ: Mom, your birthday is coming, what present do you want?
Me: I want a birthday hug, kiss from you..
IZ: somemore?
Me: a birthday card you make
IZ: somemore?
Me: I want you to be healthy and happy
IZ: is that all?
Me: ya, that's all
IZ: then I'll remind you to give me vitamins when Ah Nah is off
Me: what has my birthday to do with your vitamins?
IZ: so that you remember to give me vitamins then I can be healthy!

Monday, 4 July 2016

IZ & us deal with loss of beloved Ah Ma..

At the hospital, I realised we had to quickly inform IZ of what was happening, despite he was still blur, waking up at 5am. So we told him Ah Ma died, and asked if he would like to take a look at Ah Ma. He said yes.

From then, I was expecting him to cry. He didn't tear.. not at all.

My heart ache a lot. I'm not sure if it's "acceptable" for him not to cry at all. I don't know if he's being strong or he's being unemotional. He did say he's sad, he missed Ah Ma, but while both of us cried our hearts out, he seems unfazed.

For the 5 days of wake, he frequently walked up to Ah Ma altar and casket, talked to her and prayed.

There was no fear.. but there was no tear either..


On the day of funeral, when we placed rose on her casket and spoke our last words (in our hearts):

IZ: wo ai ni ah ma (translated as "I love you, Ah Ma")

And there I broke down.. once again.


Exactly 1 week from Ah Ma's passing:

IZ: I wish Ah Ma could live until 89yo (she was 86)
Me: you wish Ah Ma could live until 89?
IZ: yes, I wish she could see me go to primary school and celebrate birthday with me
Me: I wish she could live longer too, but you see, she was feeling very uncomfortable already, with the tube feed and all, so, it's a good thing she left, she's no longer suffering
IZ: what is suffering?
Me: no longer feeling uncomfortable

Coming home from the 1st day of school, he called out to Ah Ma upon reaching home.  I broke down  over the phone when Ah Nah told me that.


9 days after Ah Ma's passing, we just got home.

IZ: hello daddy, hello mommy (hugged daddy)
IZ: are you still feeling sad, daddy?
Dad: yes, I am still feeling sad
IZ: me too, I still remember Ah Ma
Me: yes, we should always remember Ah Ma, we shall not forget her

In the bed at night.

IZ: Daddy, when you feel sad, your nose and face are red
IZ: I feel sad too
Dad: it's ok to feel sad and it's ok to cry, you know
IZ: I know
IZ: but is it ok to cry when I get punished?


10 days after Ah Ma's passing, on a phone conversation:

Me: how was school today?
IZ: awesome, Yuhan is back in school
Me: so you're happy that Yuhan is back?
IZ: i'm unhappy (I thought to myself.. there you go again, about how you don't want to go to school..)
Me: you're unhappy
IZ: ya, I'm unhappy coz Ah Ma passed away
Me: me too, I'm unhappy too

Totally broke my heart..

He's right. It feels like we have lost the ability to be happy. I'm sulking the whole day for the past 10 days, although occasionally I smile and laugh. It's like Ah Ma's passing took away all our happiness.

I know she wouldn't want us to be unhappy... maybe time can really heal..


Updated on 5th Oct'16 (slightly more than 100 days of passing)

IZ was in the middle of his violin lesson when he suddenly came to me in the kitchen, crying. I thought the teacher scolded him till it was unbearable.

"I missed Ah Ma" he sobbed.

After lesson, he said "I missed the happy times with Ah Ma".

That's right my boy, proud of you. We will always miss her. Not a day passed without me thinking of her too.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The lack of dreams..

It has been 8 days since my MIL passed on in the hospital.

2-3 days before she left us, I dreamt of her, touching one of my SILs, hubby and I, sitting upright and asked us in a very clear voice, to take good care of ourselves. It was a total opposite of her physical state at that point of time, as she couldn't sit up right nor talk clearly then.

Ah Nah dreamt of her the very same night.

Then she left us on Mon, 20th Jun'16 close to 5am.

Ah Nah dreamt of her at 3am, that MIL called out to her.

I've not dreamt of her since. Neither did anyone else in the family. I'm very disappointed, sad, upset and depressed that she has not been coming to visit at all, be it spiritually or in my dream.

I cried for she didn't return on the 7th day like what some said, last visit to the home. I thought she was really attached to the house and IZ, she should be coming home. So we prepared dishes, left them on the dining table, and went to bed early. There was no sign of her at all.

Yesterday, while having breakfast, IZ said "mom, I had a good dream last night".

Me: oh? you had a good dream?
IZ: ya, I dream of Ah Ma. I called "AH MA!" and she opened her eyes to look at me! Isn't that a good dream!
Me: ya! that's a good dream!

I felt that dream was a closure for me at least. That she did appear to her beloved grandson, the one she was worried about the most.

I choose to believe now that she is happy in new place, reunited with her hubby, free from all the pain and suffering.

It's still painful to think of our happy days, and days we spent in the hospital. Our hearts ache terribly everyday. Tears dropped without any warning. We are mourning in the open.

We missed her very much..

One of my favorite pictures of them

Monday, 30 May 2016

K2: 2nd PTM

It was our first PTM with Ms Huda.

Li Laoshi started telling us what they did in Chinese class. She said overall IZ is doing well, except that his pronunciation is not accurate. I can't remember this is the how many times she told me that. :-p But I'm already very proud of IZ, and I'm clueless of what's the problem with his already-so-perfect-to-my-ears Chinese. Hahahah! Anyway, he speaks good Chinese, much better than his dad's and mine.

She told us that she has higher expectations on kids who go for Chinese Immersion Class, so naturally expectation on him is higher too. She suggested to let him continue copying the reader book at home, continue from where the teacher stopped. Good suggestion!

She also told us that he has been more mischievous now, pushing the boundaries here and there. He also talk more during lesson. I've reminded IZ that talking in the class is the silliest thing ever, wasting time to go to school. At the end of the day, he would not know what teacher taught the class. IZ agreed. I told him if that's his attitude to learn, then might as well he leaves school now and start washing toilets in Mc'Donalds, there's no need to go to school. He said, he'll pay attention in the future.

Ms Huda says he's generally a good boy. His "collaboration" with his buddy Yuhan is a good one as they spur each other on. They will wait for each other and understand each other very well.

She says he asks very complex questions especially during the zoo trip (that happened the day before PTM). She says he is mature in his thinking. I told IZ that teacher said he asked good questions. He said "but then, people will feel tired answering all the questions". Haha!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Composer: IZ

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Random Bricks Creations (Latest Obssession)

Ah Mah in the hospital..

IZ says:

I wish Ah Mah can come home soon so that we can celebrate her birthday in August.

I wish Ah Mah is here to have this fresh dinner with us.

I wish Ah Mah can recover soon.

How can I make Ah Mah feel better?

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Past 16 days..

So helper went on 16 days home leave and finally came back yesterday. The gush of relief, indescribable.

The past 2 weeks have been nightmare.

I contemplated a week-long SAHM but I failed, miserably.

IZ was sick the very day helper left. And didn't get much better along the week, days into my supposedly leaves. MIL gave me some headache here and there.

Long story cut short, I'm not cut to be a SAHM. I don't know which one I couldn't do.. the one who takes care of the elderly or the young one. I only know I'm not CUT OUT TO BE ONE.

Right at the point of depression, my gang of friends suggested a night out. It helped to be able to hold a proper conversation, laughed and ate heartily. I couldn't thank them enough, I'm grateful to death. A simple offer to have dinner out with me on impromptu. There's nothing more to ask for.

And then the second week started. YJ was going to help me. She did well, no qualms. I couldn't thank her enough too.

In times like this, I'm glad I was not shy to ask for help. To SOS, to cry it out loud.

I've cried. A LOT.

I didn't think it was anything but my own expectations. I stretched myself. I just snapped.

I'm also very grateful of the wooden husband.

I could have complained about him all the time. About his tactless mj arrangement etc. But he has been a great help the past 16 days.

He bathed IZ when I didn't feel like it, he swept, he mopped, he put laundry into the machine, he hung the laundry, he kept the laundry (just didn't fold them), he made IZ sleep at night, he went to work, came home washed all the dishes left in the basin, cleaned up, made coffee for me on weekends when I asked for coffee and once again the very same routine the next day.

He took on more (silently) while I was down with stomach flu or when my face was black.

Today, we finally can take a breather. We took a nice breakfast, just the two of us. And he sent me to the Gynae clinic for annual check-up.

I'm grateful for what and who I have, counting the blessing. And hope all around me is blessed too.

Till the next round.. I know my limits.. already..

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


While IZ is a good natured boy, as YJ always say, I've always been concerned as he has never displayed a little compassion. He has done a little of volunteer work, he understands how some people need help more than others. But I've never seen him concerned over anything, let alone show compassion or empathy.

When I had really bad migraine middle of last year, that I cried and cried. He told me it was the first time he saw me crying. But he said that as a matter of fact. He was not concerned at all.

I'm really worried that he'll grow up a cold person.

Lately I've seen that he was concerned over the grandma, remembering to pass the walking stick to grandma when she forgot.

Last night, for the first time, I saw compassion in him.

We were practising violin when he suddenly stepped on my right leg. I screamed out of pain. And he started crying. Despite the pain, I had to comfort him. I thought he was crying in case I start scolding. Then he said "I'm so sorry, MAMA!" and continue sobbing. "I'm so sorry".

I told him it's ok, I was just in pain. And I asked him why he cried?

He said "coz I feel so sorry for you, I feel so sad for you"

Totally melts my heart, I guess the boy does have a warm heart. What a relief...

Monday, 7 March 2016

K2: 1st PTM

Today was the first PTM with Ms. Beverley. Before we left for the school, I asked IZ, what he expected the teachers to tell us. He said "good".

She is definitely younger than I've imagined. Tall, slender, sweet with nice manicured nails.

She definitely do not look like one strict teacher, although I've heard about her strict methods. Facing the wall, stripping off leader tag if misbehave etc. I guess she has what it takes to manage the kids.

She told us he has good learning attitude, has been very constant with his diligent work. He is very strong in phonics, can read very well, and very delightful to have him in the class. She said she doesn't know how we teach him at home, which embarrassed us a little, didn't know what to say with such compliment.

Seems like she exchanged notes with Ms Fizah regarding IZ's pronunciation. Ms. Beverley says he has no problem with pronunciation at all, and that she sees improvement in him since January. So, she knows of IZ tongue release history and speech therapies. Plus point.

I asked if he eats well. She said he is fussy, but she made sure to knock on the CIP class to make sure IZ eats his lunch. Another plus point.

Li Laoshi, the same Chinese teacher as last year, complimented him that he is diligent in his work and also display interest in the language. Although he needs to correct his Chinese pronunciation a little. To be honest, I'm already quite happy with his development, as long as he likes the language, it doesn't matter if he speaks like a potato. (He recites Chinese poems at home.. although I can't understand what he was reciting about)..

Li Laoshi told us that IZ is very helpful to friends and teachers. Displayed concern when Ms Beverley didn't come to school and would ask if Ms Beverley is feeling ok when she turns up the next day.

Both teachers agreed that he enjoys learning and good in both languages.

He also did well for his show and tell (for both languages) and shared his trip to the fire station with passion and excitement.

We are very happy with his good learning attitude and respect to the teachers.

Well done, son.. do keep it up!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Violin Grade 1

He's only 5 (and close to 3 months).. crazy I know..

But that's what the dad wants to do. To start him earlier so that the journey is less painful as he grows.

(although to be honest, we can only help and hope that IZ continue to be interested in music...)

I really don't know what we got ourselves into!
Jia you to both IZ and me!

Monday, 22 February 2016


Once in a blue moon, I'll do some pages of work with IZ.

Yesterday, out of the blue, I took out an assessment book and somehow we landed on this page.

Using the tips, we talked about his fear.

He told me he is afraid of dying. He said he's scared he won't be able to play with his toys. He wants to stay.

His exact words: "I want to stay"

I wonder how much a 5 yo knows about death. 

As we think of the future, there are so many uncertainties. 

I told him each and every time we talk about the death topic, that everyone dies, regardless of age. One dies young, one dies old, one dies sleeping, one dies sick.

(I hope we'll be able to build good karma to die comfortably.)

While we are at this topic. I saw someone shared this book and its contents on FB. I took a look and was really thankful. Couldn't be a better timing, really.

At a play date we held in our place 2 days ago, IZ was ultra sensitive and touchy.

He cried over how I compared him with his peers over eating fast / slow. Seems like he has been holding grievances over hubby harping over him eating slowly everyday and suddenly he just exploded.

Then he also cried over me saying he picked fight with everybody. He said "that's not EVERYBODY".

"I want to kill you!!!" in front of everybody. I guess everyone's jaw dropped to the floor.

My heart too.

But I only repeated after him. I reminded myself I had to do the talking after the play date.

So, after guests have left, I told him I felt really sad that he wanted to kill me. Immediately, he cuddled up to me, and hugged me, and kissed me apologizing again and again and that he'd never say that again. I know he didn't mean it, but it was still shocking nonetheless. I wonder from where he got the idea of killing ME. Haiz...

So, when I saw this book "Missing Mommy", I wasted no time in reading to him. He hugged me and said he doesn't want me to die.

But the second round, he wanted to read it himself. He started tearing.

I'm so glad he teared.

He hugged me and kept saying he doesn't want me to die, and that he'll never say he want to kill me again.

Then he stuck to me like glue. Following me everywhere I went, and wanted to sleep beside me and all angelic.

Thanks Cobb!

Community Report: Central Fire Station

After the longest procrastination, we finally did the community report for English show and tell.

I tried to keep it simple so that he could do it on his own.

I really like how he drew a fire beside the fire word

By this, he wrote all by himself, using his limited spelling knowledge
Unfortunately, the teacher only browsed through the pages and told Ah Nah that IZ already did the show and tell, and asked her to bring home.

IZ had no chance to present at all.

Nothing more important..

than his learning attitude.. 

Bravo son, keep it up!