Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Wrap-up 2014

This year flies especially fast.

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to bring IZ overseas this year due to hectic work schedule for us.

Fortunately, we traveled overseas twice last year, ie. Taiwan and Bali.

Overall, it has been a good year, except for me falling sick so frequently. I start to wonder if it's pure bad luck or there's something I've not been doing right. (for sure, I've not been exercising enough).

As for IZ, he turned 4 earlier this month.

We stopped going to Ready Steady Go Kids, as we thought it's time for IZ to start on something else. We couldn't find a suitable Aikido class, something I really want him to learn, to defend himself when he goes to primary school. Aikido is supposed to be the "safest" martial arts, in my opinion. The good thing about it is, you do not injure your opponent, you dampen their attack, at the same time, taking care of not injuring him/her.

So we settled for swimming. Found a very passionate instructor in Hougang pool. It has been 5 lessons since. There were days IZ were enthu and strived to do the best (kiasuness kicks in when he sees his peer doing well), there are days he slacked (on days he didn't have peer pressure). We like the instructor very much. He is what we defined as "passionate to swim, passionate to teach, passionate to young kids". You can't get any better than this. Swimming class is fun for IZ, and fun for me to watch.

There's a slight problem though. Instructor prefers to have a parent in the pool when the kiddo wander in the water, in case he slips and struggle to stand. He doesn't want them to be traumatised. I am very very very X 1000 times reluctant to be exposed to the SUN! Tasked hubby to do it but he's not doing to my "expectation", grrrr!

And we also stopped going to Heart Studio, as IZ has been chanting "I don't like my art class" for the 1000th times. He also asked me not to pay anymore (coz we told him he had to finish the term as we paid for it). Seeing how he detest the class (although he was very happy IN the class itself), we decided to call it a quit. I felt really sad coz the teacher was really passionate about kids. Another good teacher we found, how lucky!

I looked around for drawing class (as he said he only likes to draw, not painting) and signed him up at Innoart. The teacher is from China, so she speaks strictly Chinese. When I brought IZ to the trial class, I was half-expecting him to give up half way coz of the Chinese speaking environment, but he claimed he loved it and asked me to pay.

So now, he goes to drawing class, and you guessed it, DRAW. More like copying actually but my brother who's studying early childhood said copying cultivate the concentration. Slowly, they can move on to the next phrase. Well, that's a super good deal. Killing few birds with a stone (fulfill his passion for drawing, cultivate concentration, in the meantime polishing his Chinese too!)