Wednesday, 21 October 2015

"Do you love me?"

IZ: Mommy, do you love the son that you gave birth to?
Me: of course!
IZ: even if he is naughty?
Me: yes, of course!

And he looked satisfied.

I guess he just needed some reassurance yesterday..

Friday, 16 October 2015

Random Drawing

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Random talking..

11th Oct'15

Daddy promised to make a car in the night...

2 hours later.

IZ: Grrr.. why the Earth is spinning so slowly!
Me; why do you say that?
IZ: I can't wait for night time to fix my car!

3rd Oct'15

IZ asked for big drawing paper as usual, the first thing he does when he wakes up.

Me: you need to eat more to reach the paper on your own (I deliberately keep the drawing blocks high so it is out of reach or we'd risk chopping more trees)
Iz: why not you put it down so I can take myself now?


2nd Oct'15

IZ: I want to study in the United States of America

Today, while I showered him with my mask on (ya sickbound)..
IZ: mommy, you know where you came from, the flag is almost like United States of America. Just that Malaysia has the moon and stars
Me: Good observation, IZ!

Early morning..
IZ: I was just thinking where Mexico is
IZ: come! Let me show you where Mexico is!
And he went to the atlas on the wall and pointed right there, one shot.

Amazing, I wouldn't be able to pinpoint where exactly Mexico is without checking the words.


Few days before:

IZ: I think I want to open a dessert shop
Me: wow, dessert shop! Great! (deep down thinking what happened to the "I want to be a policeman!")
IZ: yes!
Me: great! So what do you think you'll sell in the shop?
IZ: desserts.. cake, candies, chocolates, drinks..
Me: wow, that would be a great shop, ^5!
IZ: ^5!