Friday, 22 January 2016

Dealing with disappointment?

When he was in K1, I was told he was appointed a "leader" to ensure all his friends have the necessary stationery.

Now in K2, IZ told me XX has a lanyard that says "leader". According to IZ, XX made a mistake (or was it misbehaved - blame my poor listening ability) so the lanyard was taken off him, and given to IZ.

But eventually, XX got the lanyard back.

IZ said "give XX another chance".

I tried to ask who said give XX another chance. Was it himself or teacher? He couldn't give me a clear answer. Just said "give XX another chance".

I felt pained actually, if the lanyard was given back to XX by the teacher. It's definitely unfair to IZ in that circumstances.

I'd be really proud if he was the one told teacher to give XX another chance.

I asked IZ how he felt, he said "proud of myself".

I won't know the answer to the question, until the PTM end of the term. While I do feel pained for him, I'm glad he told me (actually much more this term) and I'm glad he dealt with it without tears.

Good start to the year!

Learning Progress

I was away for 11 days.. one of the longest since I could hold proper conversations with IZ.

He told me he missed me, and asked for video call on the 2nd week. Something he has never done before. And he also talked to me properly on the 3 times video conference we had during the trip.

I was really impressed, when I reached home, of how he has progressed over the last 11 days. There were a pang of disappointment that I was not around during the progress, but I strongly believe it is for our good.

I came back re-charge, and have better patience, for now (2nd day home).

English Spelling
So while I was away, school gave a notice that they will be holding spelling English and Chinese on alternate week basis. I felt sad I was not around to practise with him for the very first spelling he would have in his life.

The words were: people, that, from, with

I was surprised really. I was expecting something easier for the first one. But he did it.

Chinese Spelling
Also known as Ting Xie. I can't tell you how surprised I was to see the list of words.

I was certainly expecting words like "wo", "ni", "ba ba" or "ma ma" or that sort.

I couldn't even read 2 out of 3 that were listed for the first spelling. Hahaha!

But I decided I can't contaminate and influence IZ on Chinese. I decided to charge my Creative tablet once again and try to use it.

IZ knows the hang of it. He can even write properly, I nearly cried.

He's so much better in Chinese compared to his mummy.

Edvox teacher told daddy the previous books were too easy for IZ. So she personally chose this Grade 2 book. 

I took a look at the book. It's boring and not easy. But I also know kids do wonders. You can throw anything at them and they can take it.

2 days ago, he told me he wanted to learn piano. He said violin is too difficult. I told him I'll teach him some at home. He asked me to put dots on the keyboard coz that's what KDL do.