Friday, 22 January 2016

Dealing with disappointment?

When he was in K1, I was told he was appointed a "leader" to ensure all his friends have the necessary stationery.

Now in K2, IZ told me XX has a lanyard that says "leader". According to IZ, XX made a mistake (or was it misbehaved - blame my poor listening ability) so the lanyard was taken off him, and given to IZ.

But eventually, XX got the lanyard back.

IZ said "give XX another chance".

I tried to ask who said give XX another chance. Was it himself or teacher? He couldn't give me a clear answer. Just said "give XX another chance".

I felt pained actually, if the lanyard was given back to XX by the teacher. It's definitely unfair to IZ in that circumstances.

I'd be really proud if he was the one told teacher to give XX another chance.

I asked IZ how he felt, he said "proud of myself".

I won't know the answer to the question, until the PTM end of the term. While I do feel pained for him, I'm glad he told me (actually much more this term) and I'm glad he dealt with it without tears.

Good start to the year!


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