Thursday, 27 June 2013

Lesson H for House: 26th Jun'13

He has learnt this before in the school, thus it was not difficult for him to know where the roof, door or window goes to.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lesson H for House: 23rd Jun'13

We have not done any home lesson for the longest time, I mean not for the ABCs. I'm not sure what was the exact reason, perhaps I was a bit lazy, perhaps I was not sure if he really could sit through with me, etc.
Since I've read The Hurried Child book, I've made a concious decision to not hurrying him. As I mentioned he recognised all the 26 letters now, but not my credit. It was our helper's and Leap Frog DVD. I am proud he knows without much pressure from anyone, but I'm not sure to what extent is he hurried in this particular matter.
As such, I took things easier, impromptu book readings, or playing with toys, going out, instead of going through home lessons. So, you'll see that the home lessons coming up are not in structure I've followed before, I'll just take cue from him and the circumstances.
Lesson H for House!
Mini furniture in the house

Friday, 21 June 2013

IZ Says.. @ 2.5 years old

The 2002 whys..

When we reached home from work yesterday.

IZ: mommy, why are you wearing mask?

Then at the daddy.

IZ: daddy, why are you not wearing mask?

While hubby was reading to IZ..

IZ: IZ like pink colour.. Daddy like blue colour?

Me: what colour mommy like then?

IZ: mommy like pink colour also

(I don't know since when.. I hate pink colour!)

Added on 24th Jun'13:

Role reversal:

Me: good night darling
Issac: no, I want to talk to Mommy first
Me: huh?
Issac: one time, a little boy in the EGG.. bla bla.. Then, Mickey .. bla bla.. The little boy and the EGG .. bla bla bla bla.. Ok, I'm tired, good night mommy.


Me: why do you like to come and sleep next to me?
IZ: because..
Me: (must be thinking of some crap reasons)
IZ: because.. I love you!   (on another night, he said because.. I love you so much you know!)


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Taiwan: CingJing (8~10 Jun'13)

Hubby suffered from terrible car sick after the nearly 2 hours ride on the car. The driver Mr. Hung (believed to be one of the staffs/relatives of Misty Villa) talked to him non-stop so he couldn't sleep and thus the car sick. Ha.. down side of having a friendly driver you say.

Mr Hung was very kind to drop us nearly to our doorstep. He already had the key to our room which was situated on the 3rd floor.

Where Mr. Hung dropped us, our room is on the 2nd floor in this pic - he helped us to bring our luggage bag up - good service

We were advised to take a half hour rest before making our way to check-in downstairs. Review and photos of Misty Villa here.

Then we made our way to find food for dinner. It was hubby's birthday, so I told him we should eat better, not street food, he couldn't agree more.

Windmill Festival will start 29th June - I guess they're setting up for the festival

A candy stall in front of Carton King & Small Swiss Garden - look at his happy face

Glimpse of Carton King

Carton King - where everything's made of carton / paper

Below are the pics taken in Carton King - all of them are made of carton/paper!

I was pretty disappointed of Carton King. Pictures on the internet made them seems bigger. The place was really small, you could finish walking around within minutes. So we made our way up to the restaurant for our potentially good food dinner for celebration.

Going up the steps

You'll have to pass through Honey Museum before the restaurant

Cute bee. my son, I  mean... haha!

Cups of water using paper

Carton drinks - actually a cup of drink in the carton box - you can ask them to flatten the carton to bring home as memento

Hubby's honey sauce pork chop

My roasted chicken - what's most yummy here is the honey vinegar in the centre as appetiser (you get what I want to bring across)

His set was much better - the fries were super yummy!

Given a plastic glove to eat the chicken
More carton/paper decorations in the restaurant:

Live performance by local artistes

Next morning at breakfast - what a view for a cup of coffee right?

We made our way to Green Green Grassland

Such a long Q for the shuttle bus

Arrived at destination in piece

As we arrived just on time, 9.30am, we could only watch from afar

Ushering the sheeps up the hill to get ready for the show

And they barged downhill, ushered by a dog

Was interested only for a while - the 2 hosts spoke seriously super express Chinese, I switched off after a while too

We gave up half way - I felt sad for the animals
Random shots on the mountain, I guess there's no need further explanation:

And then I dropped by precious camera P300.. you guessed right.. my camera is a gone case already. Next up, probably a Nikon J1!

After taking a break in the villa, we decided to go hiking.. destination? Depends on where our feet bring us..

The trail we wanted to challenge

He agreed too! :-D

Started cool

Gigantic leeks

Beautiful route

Nice view

He was really happy

Ice-cream time!


We didn't dare to try the 499 steps trail, otherwise the view could be magnificent

Back in hotel - we had a sumptuous dinner prepared by the villa at NT300 for adults (5 dishes 1 soup including fish, pork, chicken!)

The boy ate a lot that night

But then, it was kind boring at night - we didn't catch the night musical fountain show in Small Swiss Garden though

That's what a happy boy during vacation do - the silliest thing he's done so far

Glimpse of the number of steps we had to take each day - we counted 93 altogether from the basement to our room - imagine up and down, with our little boy who's more than 15kg now

Some of the steps were really steep
The next day, we went to Small Swiss Garden!

At the entrance

Mysterious arch to the garden

There were pigeons

Beautiful flowers

Mandarin ducks

And windmills of course!

Really love flora
Following do not need description I guess:

Have you seen this kind of "yuan yang"? They usually goes in pair, but this is a cross-mix

And so we took E-go bus from our villa to Taichung High Speed Railway (HSR) Station, cost us NT450 per adult. Journey around 1.5 hours. Again, IZ slept the whole journey. I took a short nap too.

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