Friday, 21 June 2013

IZ Says.. @ 2.5 years old

The 2002 whys..

When we reached home from work yesterday.

IZ: mommy, why are you wearing mask?

Then at the daddy.

IZ: daddy, why are you not wearing mask?

While hubby was reading to IZ..

IZ: IZ like pink colour.. Daddy like blue colour?

Me: what colour mommy like then?

IZ: mommy like pink colour also

(I don't know since when.. I hate pink colour!)

Added on 24th Jun'13:

Role reversal:

Me: good night darling
Issac: no, I want to talk to Mommy first
Me: huh?
Issac: one time, a little boy in the EGG.. bla bla.. Then, Mickey .. bla bla.. The little boy and the EGG .. bla bla bla bla.. Ok, I'm tired, good night mommy.


Me: why do you like to come and sleep next to me?
IZ: because..
Me: (must be thinking of some crap reasons)
IZ: because.. I love you!   (on another night, he said because.. I love you so much you know!)



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