Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Meeting teachers.. May'13

Kinderland takes in kids who turns 3 in that year. So technically IZ turns 3 this year. He joined when he just turned 2! That's the advantage / disadvantage (depends) of being a December baby.

And so, before the school holiday started, IZ has attended 2 terms in Kinderland Serangoon, in Pre-Nursery.

On why I chose Kinderland.. there are a few reasons, I can't tell you now, which is most important, as they gel up together.

1) The school is walking distance from our home (2 blocks, 1 main road away)

2) while CS Montessori was also walking distance (additional 1 more main road away), Kinderland's fee is generally cheaper.. we are paying about $1610 a term (whereas CS would charge about $2400 a term for nursery onwards - if I've not mistaken)

3) Kinderland has a COMPOUND! I have nothing against schools at the void deck nor houses turned into schools.. but I cannot imagine myself studying in the settings, so I would not want to put IZ into somewhere I wouldn't want to be in the first place.. Compound is cool! you can jump, run, chase and all.. they also have a playground right outside the school!

4) did some readings, apparently Kinderland kids can adapt better in Primary school (well, I know it depends on individuals.. but then, I'm trying to minimise the risk you see)

5) as we have a helper and an elderly at home, it just doesn't make sense to send him to childcare, I only need him to be away for few hours a day to play with his friends, so he can minimize or eliminate if possible, ONE CHILD SYNDROME.. Haha! But more selfish reason was I couldn't bear to send him to full day childcare.. My poor baby..
6) also sending him for a few hours means few hours less facing the tv? I really do not like the fact that he watches too much tv at home.. Not that he has never watched tv, but usually with a time limit..

Ok.. and so...

We were invited to our first PTG (Parents Teacher Gathering) at the end of the first term (in March). Why GATHERING? Coz we really just gathered to be briefed by the teachers on what they taught the kids in the term, took a look at their portfolio, took their activity book back, and also what's the theme for next term and if we've got any feedback - whole class of parents, really.

Then, we were invited to our first PTM (Parents Teacher Meeting) (notice the difference?) at the end of the second term (just last week) and this time, we were given time slots. I was given a slot at 9.40-9.50. So short right?!

I thought 10 minutes are not enough too.. but apparently 10 minutes for each English and Chinese teacher to review with parents, INDIVIDUALLY this time.

Ok, what I get to know from Ms Fizah was not something new. I spent a good 15 minutes talking to her over the phone when she called to talk about the MINNIE book. Right, so we've more or less caught up with each other before this. What's more, I was very pissed while waited for my turn as the time slots were not respected, and I really do not have much of anything, what to say PATIENCE.

She told me IZ had less of Humpty this term, to my disbelief, seriously. Coz I can swear we listen to Humpty for 10,000 times if not 1,000,000 at home!

Chinese teacher told me his Chinese improved, which is good enough. And we think so too!

We are looking forward to next term :-)


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