Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Staycation Day 1 of 2: USS & Crane Dance

My sis originally planned to go Beijing for vacation, but as there was H7N9 outbreak, she decided to cancel on that and came to Sg instead.

So, we agreed to do a short break in Sentosa, instead of driving here and there.

My bro made hotel reservations and I booked the tickets to USS and SEA Aquariums.

It's IZ's 2nd staycation, both in Sentosa. I doubt he remembers anything from the last one when he was 16 months old.

First day: we covered USS, gosh, were we tired. We didn't manage to cover all the attractions despite being there from 11ish to the closing at 7pm. We also went to the Crane Dance after dinner. Checked-in to Michael Hotel, to be given a pleasant surprise. Free upgrade to their suite! Woohoo!

Second day: we covered SEA Aquarium, Underwater World as well as Dolphin Lagoon, and we ended the day with Songs of the Sea. Beautiful!

Attractions that I like:
1) 4D shrek - though I wish it was 5D instead and I was not carrying a timid toddler
2) Light Camera Action - I simply love the effects! Couldn't believe they were fake!
3) Rockafellas - street dance by a group of 5 male dancers, IZ was mesmerised, his first street dance performance.. and he clapped!
4) Lost World - the shootings and explosions couldn't be made more real.. and love the splashing of water onto audience!
5) Merry-Go-Round - nice dreamy world for the dreamers
6) Crane Dance - it was romantic I wish my hubby was with me
7) Songs of the Sea - gosh, it was a spectacular show!

Attractions I missed:
TONs actually.. as I was with a toddler.. a timid one at that.

We took mrt to Harborfront! ;-)

He asked me "what's that?"

From the very beginning

Pop corn, anyone?

Gigantic ship - how nice if they do Titanic here? :-p

That's where we were!
One of the live performances

I can't figure what's with his expression.. whether he was enjoying. or not..

Mr. Frankenstein.. you'll notice we didn't queue for any of the characters.. wasting time!

Another snack shack

Our first ride


Waiting time! Was told this is mild.. :-S

You'll have to be taller than the red line if you want to enter.. Don't try to risk entering "illegally", seriously, your kid may not have problem sitting on the boat, but he/she will definitely have problem seeing EVERYTHING in there! Turning their head would be tortorous, I guarantee!

Quite an interesting ride actually, if only the boat and the narrations timing could be aligned better

Pussy cat


Far Far Away for 4D Shrek

Quenching thirst with an ice cream! He finished the whole stick by himself (except for 2 bites that he reluctantly let me bite)

Re-charging at the end of the day
Another live-performance - street dance

Interesting group, Rockafellas

IZ was mesmerized, but he clapped, unknowingly..

He was famished, he asked to eat by himself

Checking in to Hotel Michael.. given a pleasant surprise.. free upgrade to suite! Straight ahead is the make-up table, to the left 2 basins, to the right a bath tub, further inside, to the right, shower room, to the left, the toilet!
I should have taken this shot from the opposite angle, the tub was facing a tv! Where got time la!

The shower room - I didn't take the toilet bowl.. the bathroom, in short, is HUGE, no, make it MEGA HUGE

The comfy bed - IZ slept from 11+pm to 10+ am, broke his personal record

The living hall, with a dining table - facing a tv.. did I tell you there's another TV in the bedroom?

How cool! 6 Capsules of Nespresso including 2 decaf!

Very nice romantic Crane Dance

Wished hubby was there with us

Unfortunately the timid boy was scared too

I somehow concluded that my no-intention of bring IZ to USS at least now was right. He couldn't enjoy much, except for the roaming and wandering in the ample of space. I couldn't enjoy either, how to if he hide behind me most of the time?

We will go again.. when one day IZ need to know about how movies are make.. know more of the characters.. of when he wants to his heart jumped out to his mouth with the roller coasters etc..

Till then, I'll give USS a miss, unless if it's FOC!


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