Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lesson H for House: 23rd Jun'13

We have not done any home lesson for the longest time, I mean not for the ABCs. I'm not sure what was the exact reason, perhaps I was a bit lazy, perhaps I was not sure if he really could sit through with me, etc.
Since I've read The Hurried Child book, I've made a concious decision to not hurrying him. As I mentioned he recognised all the 26 letters now, but not my credit. It was our helper's and Leap Frog DVD. I am proud he knows without much pressure from anyone, but I'm not sure to what extent is he hurried in this particular matter.
As such, I took things easier, impromptu book readings, or playing with toys, going out, instead of going through home lessons. So, you'll see that the home lessons coming up are not in structure I've followed before, I'll just take cue from him and the circumstances.
Lesson H for House!
Mini furniture in the house


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