Sunday, 9 June 2013

Toys for the creative mind..

We are now in CingJing farm on a week vacation.

Couldn't help but to blog about this toy while we are resting our feet. (Will blog about our trip when the time comes.. Haha)

I was reading The Hurried Child by David Elkind last week, trying to rush before I am due to return the book.

One of the chapter talked about best toys for children. Although the book was written a long time ago, the context is exactly useful for current parenting situation.

From The Hurried Child
Anyway, I'll only talk about toys in this post. I personally do not like electronic toys. Meaning battery operated.

They are not just annoying as they have loud music usually, but I can't see the point of playing with them. They do not enhance or encourage children's imagination and creativity.

Guilty though, I did buy electronic piano for him, but that's a different toy altogether.

Anyway, today, while we were hiking in a short trail here, in the cold mountain weather, we came across a shop that sells kids stuffs.

I bought this pipes look alike blocks, fits perfectly into "encourage children's creativity".. Let their imagination runs wild..

And so it did.. Now, a good few hours after we bought it, IZ is still playing with it, all by himself, on the floor in our villa room.

And voila! 

We had grandfather's clock, wall, walking stick, water spout, telescope, trumpet this far.

Talk about imagination runs wild, good buy!


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