Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Past 16 days..

So helper went on 16 days home leave and finally came back yesterday. The gush of relief, indescribable.

The past 2 weeks have been nightmare.

I contemplated a week-long SAHM but I failed, miserably.

IZ was sick the very day helper left. And didn't get much better along the week, days into my supposedly leaves. MIL gave me some headache here and there.

Long story cut short, I'm not cut to be a SAHM. I don't know which one I couldn't do.. the one who takes care of the elderly or the young one. I only know I'm not CUT OUT TO BE ONE.

Right at the point of depression, my gang of friends suggested a night out. It helped to be able to hold a proper conversation, laughed and ate heartily. I couldn't thank them enough, I'm grateful to death. A simple offer to have dinner out with me on impromptu. There's nothing more to ask for.

And then the second week started. YJ was going to help me. She did well, no qualms. I couldn't thank her enough too.

In times like this, I'm glad I was not shy to ask for help. To SOS, to cry it out loud.

I've cried. A LOT.

I didn't think it was anything but my own expectations. I stretched myself. I just snapped.

I'm also very grateful of the wooden husband.

I could have complained about him all the time. About his tactless mj arrangement etc. But he has been a great help the past 16 days.

He bathed IZ when I didn't feel like it, he swept, he mopped, he put laundry into the machine, he hung the laundry, he kept the laundry (just didn't fold them), he made IZ sleep at night, he went to work, came home washed all the dishes left in the basin, cleaned up, made coffee for me on weekends when I asked for coffee and once again the very same routine the next day.

He took on more (silently) while I was down with stomach flu or when my face was black.

Today, we finally can take a breather. We took a nice breakfast, just the two of us. And he sent me to the Gynae clinic for annual check-up.

I'm grateful for what and who I have, counting the blessing. And hope all around me is blessed too.

Till the next round.. I know my limits.. already..