Thursday, 13 November 2014

Parents Teachers Meeting: 11th Nov'14

Chinese language development:

Positive improvement but the boy gets mischievous over time.

He was one of the first who could write their Chinese names well, but he slacked in the end. Teacher suggested to print out his name to copy.

Typical of IZ. Once he gets hold of the way, he slacks.

General development:

The very first thing Ms Fizah brought up was his pronunciation. She said she is worried, as he didn't seem to change even after she corrected him in the class.

Probably because we slacked too. We just let him be at home, without correcting him. Right now, I've started to practice a few words a few times every night. I read that we shouldn't over-correct him for fear of bursting his confidence.

Other than that Ms Fizah said he did very well in class. He is the only one who said thank you for everything, even when given a piece of paper. We really hope this would continue, although daddy says it's a phase, up and down.

She also said he did well in the show and tell. Something I meant to ask the last PTM but I've forgotten. He could speak from the beginning, what he drew and what he planted. Such a big difference when I asked him what he would tell at the show and tell, and he said "I don't know". I guess it's just his functional personality at work in the class. As long as he knows what he is doing.

All is well, it's time to say goodbye to Nursery class and hello Kindergarten!

"How was school today?"

Everyday when I reach home from work, I would ask "how was school today, IZ?"

He would reply "good!"

Gone were the days he didn't want to go to school. Now he says "Kinderland is fun!"

But if you were to ask what he learnt in school, he would say "I don't know.."

So yesterday, when I stepped in, he said "school was good, Mommy" (without me asking), I was very happy.

Small little thing that made my mad day a good one.