Monday, 30 May 2016

K2: 2nd PTM

It was our first PTM with Ms Huda.

Li Laoshi started telling us what they did in Chinese class. She said overall IZ is doing well, except that his pronunciation is not accurate. I can't remember this is the how many times she told me that. :-p But I'm already very proud of IZ, and I'm clueless of what's the problem with his already-so-perfect-to-my-ears Chinese. Hahahah! Anyway, he speaks good Chinese, much better than his dad's and mine.

She told us that she has higher expectations on kids who go for Chinese Immersion Class, so naturally expectation on him is higher too. She suggested to let him continue copying the reader book at home, continue from where the teacher stopped. Good suggestion!

She also told us that he has been more mischievous now, pushing the boundaries here and there. He also talk more during lesson. I've reminded IZ that talking in the class is the silliest thing ever, wasting time to go to school. At the end of the day, he would not know what teacher taught the class. IZ agreed. I told him if that's his attitude to learn, then might as well he leaves school now and start washing toilets in Mc'Donalds, there's no need to go to school. He said, he'll pay attention in the future.

Ms Huda says he's generally a good boy. His "collaboration" with his buddy Yuhan is a good one as they spur each other on. They will wait for each other and understand each other very well.

She says he asks very complex questions especially during the zoo trip (that happened the day before PTM). She says he is mature in his thinking. I told IZ that teacher said he asked good questions. He said "but then, people will feel tired answering all the questions". Haha!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Composer: IZ

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Random Bricks Creations (Latest Obssession)

Ah Mah in the hospital..

IZ says:

I wish Ah Mah can come home soon so that we can celebrate her birthday in August.

I wish Ah Mah is here to have this fresh dinner with us.

I wish Ah Mah can recover soon.

How can I make Ah Mah feel better?