Friday, 17 December 2010

Post Delivery

10th Dec'2010:

My mum came from KL the nite before. We picked her from bro's place before heading to TMC to visit zaizai and also gynae appt. On the way to pick her, I called TMC nursery to arrange for breastfeeding, as in, ask them not to feed him first, wait for me. I was told by the nurse that Baby Chow could be discharged. I was so over the moon, "really? that's really great news!" I exclaimed.

Then I got all excited, and worried. Damn.. I disassembled his cot the nite before, coz I was so upset, I even thought some soul or spirit were lying on his cot, so comfortable that it doesn't want zaizai to be home. And I prayed to KuanYin that I will go pray to her and eat vege for 3 days after confinement if zaizai is discharged. Prayers came true. :-)

Nurse pushed zaizai to us, I couldn't help grinning from ear to ear. :-D And we were really told that they were waiting for Dr. Anthony's instruction to discharge him that day. :-) :-) So, we played with him for a while, and then bro went to work, we went for gynae appt.

Was so anxious coz Dr. Anthony normally calls at 9-ish to inform of zaizai's status, but it was 10-ish, but no news from him. Then I saw his missed call, asked hubby to return the call. At first he was reluctant, but I insisted while I went in to get my dressing changed.

I lose 6.8kg the first week! Voila! Was so happy.. and the wound was healing nicely, they showed me using a mirror. Gynae asked if I have been pumping bm while waiting for zaizai to be discharged, I say yes.. and she asked me how much now.. I told her about 100ml.. she says "good cow!" hahahaha... Next appt will be in a week time...

11am: Went out to hubby and mum, hubby says Dr. Anthony approved zaizai's discharge and we have to get the procedure done! Yippie! So we went back to the nursery and asked for the procedure. Apparently discharge documents could be ready only at 12pm... So we told them that we'll be back at 12pm...

And so hubby brought us to KuanYin temple to pray. Unfortunately, mum says, I can't pray in the temple coz I have just delivered a baby, I could only pray from the outside. So, I told KuanYin that I'll bring zaizai to pray to her when I completed my confinement, and I will eat vege 3 days. :-) :-)

I also called home to helper and MIL to clean our room once again to ensure cleanliness before bringing zaizai back. Hubby also cleaned the baby car seat once again to ensure no dust.

Back to hospital at about 12pm, hubby got the discharge procedure and payment done. Then zaizai was released to us, at 2.995kg, hubby settled bill with gynae and we were on the way home.

Put zaizai on the car seat, and he didn't fuss! Though a bit too straight up, he slept throughout the journey, and hubby was driving like a tortoise.. :-D

Felt so good having zaizai at home.. I didn't mind the sleepless nite.. no confinement lady, we had to do everything by ourselves.. :-) :-)

Zaizai will cry when he wets his diaper, and I will latch him once we changed for him. Every 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs.. it's such a bliss to be able to breastfeed him.. :-) Luckily it is over the weekend, thus, hubby can lend a helping hand too. Poor hubby deprieved of sleep when he goes to work everyday.

13th Dec'2010:

Zaizai's first PD's appointment is with Dr. Keoy as Dr. Anthoy is away for 2 weeks vacation. Helper and I put him in the stroller when we reached Novena Medical Centre. He didn't fuss too! Good beginning! Everything with him is fine, weight is 3.21kg. Jaundice only at the face, and Dr. Keoy says jaundice will subside in 2-3 weeks time, god bless us. Gave us some cord powder to dry up his umbilical cord, and we headed home directly.

15th Dec'2010:

CL came today. And I felt so upset with her and her talking.. so much so I cried. But hubby came back from work, and we discussed, he asked me to give her another chance so I can get to eat some tonic. No choice, hubby has been insisting to get this help. Now, we are overloaded with helpers at home.

Good thing about having her here is I do not have to change zaizai's diaper, just pass to her, and she'll do the rest. Some time down the road, I will have to teach our helper how to do it too. So I can go out for my facial and shopping for CNY.

Hubby got the list of names from the geomancer, and after much of discussions and considerations on the pronunciations and meanings of the names, we finally decided on Issac Teo Kai Hong. Hubby likes Kai Hong, and I like I-Z, but hubby was the one who chose I-Z with a double S instead of the common I-Z with a double A, Isaac. :-) And we worked through the night to fill up the birth registration form and also the baby bonus.

16th Dec'2010:

Hubby dropped me at TMC at 8.30am as the counter opens at 8.30am. Got a Q number, the 2nd in line, and the birth registration completed within 15 mins! Then I settled the baby bonus application. As we chose Stand Chart as the bank, we could pass the forms to TMC instead. :-) :-) Super efficient system I can say.

Zaizai's name is officially Issac Teo Kai Hong! Many many happiness.. :-)

Waited so many hours to see gynae at 11.30am, I decided to go to the clinic earlier to try my luck. Gynae says wound has healed properly and that I do not look like post-op. Hehehe.. I forgot to praise her skills.. :-P And so the next appointment will be a month later, for pap smear. Was given a pc of silicone gel to paste onto my wound to avoid keloids. Ya, I guess I need that as my skin is not so good... :-)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Zaizai's birth story

Thought of writing what I can remember for now while waiting for zaizai to be discharged from hospital. Guess I will not have much time when he comes home.. :-)

2nd Dec 2010:

am: Received call from Dr Yvonne's clinic that NIL by mouth at 9am, coz c-sect scheduled to be at 3pm. I asked her why not 2pm, she says gynae has got another operation before that. :-( 11am to 3pm is good time, but not after 3pm.. but hubby said "no choice"..

pm: Received text message from TMC to remind that operation is scheduled the next day at 3pm, to pre-admit 3 hours before operation. So high-tech..

Birth story - 3rd Dec 2010

8.00am: Started NIL by mouth

10.10am: We turned up at Dr Yvonne's clinic for CTG

10.40am: Done with CTG and told to be pre-admitted with all the documents

11.30am: One bedder is full, thus we were admitted straight to labour ward, into Observation Room 3, given gown to change into, no panty, no bra allowed. Asked me to pass urine, didn't have much, thus asked to pass later.

11.45am: Hubby went to get car to be parked in TMC instead of HDB and had his lunch. I have been complaining about being hungry since an hour or so ago!

12.00pm: Blackout! The mummy in next bed was grumbling about middle of jab and her jab wound is not even plastered! Duhz... Was thinking, they should have some back-up in OT hoh, otherwise, midst of operation, then how?

12.15pm: Staff nurse complete all documents and signing, etc and says how can we be so relax like going on holiday, not gan cheong at all.. what to gan cheong about since I won't experience labour pain? Duhz..

1.30pm: Given enzema to clear bowels, and asked to keep them in for 10 mins.. cannot! they were like squeezing out, and I didn't want to make a mess there, so I asked "if cannot stand how? can I go and release?" Nurse says, "can stand one la.. but if really cannot then go lor".. I tried for 5 more seconds, really cannot.. ran to the toilet, and just in-time to release! Duhz! What a relief! Really salute those who can stand for 10 full mins.

2.30pm: Suddenly a stretcher is brought over by an Indian lady and the nurse says "ok ok, time to go OT".. I was like.. "er.. can I go to the loo first?".. then pass urine for one more time.. I was asked to go up the stretcher.. I wondered why.. "why need to push me? I can walk there myself" and the nurse says "NO!!" and so hubby followed behind me and he was asked to pass our bags to the counter, I reminded him about the camera and he quickly got it before too late.. duhz.. this hubby!

2.40pm: Dr. Loh, the anaesthesia introduced herself. She explained the epidural procedure, exactly like what described in the books, and that she'll put a drip prep on my left wrist, in case emergency during operation. She also took 25ml of my blood for the cord blood donation, god, it took so long to get that 25ml, till my left hand was so numb "pumping"...

2.50pm: Hubby changed into "jumpsuit" and wears hair net. Asked him to take pic of me. :-D

2.55pm: The lady before us pushed out, not concious, and the baby cot pushed out but covered with green cloth. I am not sure why, but it felt creepy then. Did the lady lose her baby? Coz just when we came in, they were saying there's complication? I can't be too sure either.

3.00pm: I guess this was the time I was pushed into the OT, without hubby. They said hubby will be called when gynae is about to operate. Saw gynae sitting at a corner looking at the process. I was transfered from the stretcher to the operation bed, top with 2 big head lights like in tv. Then I was asked to curl like a prawn to administer the epidural and was told I'll feel numb from tummy to legs. Exactly, I felt my legs just got heavier and no feeling then. They helped me to lie straight and put in urine catheter, I could feel nothing! Then gynae walked over and they were saying call hubby in, call hubby in. And they put the operation screen right in front of my tummy. Hubby came in looking straight into my eyes, dare not look beyond the operation screen. Hahaha.. and sat beside me talking to me. Gynae asked if I could feel what she was doing, I said no.. and then felt some tugging and pulling, and more tugging and pulling that I started to frown. Hubby asked if it's painful, I said not really painful, but it was harsh! Then Dr Loh helped to push from my side of operation screen! With a few push more, zaizai was out. Gynae says "good choice to do caesarian, you'll not make it with natural labour".. felt so relieved to hear that.. And so the nurse cleanse zaizai. I asked hubby to take pictures, he refused coz zaizai was still purplish. Then nurse says "ok, want to take pictures?" I insisted hubby to start taking pictures. And after cleansing, and swaddling him, nurse put him on my chest. Gosh, that was a miracle moment. I was wondering who zaizai looks like. For few mins, I stared at him and hubby took some pics, and then nurse says will do measuring, and asked hubby to follow. Hubby didn't take any pics there... :-( But zaizai is fated with many many THREES!

Born on 3rd Dec 2010

Time: 1522hrs

Weight: 3.33kg

Head circumference: 33cm

Length: 51cm

4.30pm: I was not sure when I fell asleep, but when I was woken by the Indian lady, she was saying "please take a deep breath, your BP is dropping"... and I took a deep breath, losing control over where I was and etc.. and she did it 3 times, coz my BP was dropping.. must have scared the hell out of her..

Then I was pushed to the 2 bedder ward Room No. 621B coz 1 bedder still full. From then, slowly I recovered, with salt and glucose drip. Was so thirsty but will not be given anything till 9pm, MILO! gosh, I was really hoping they will give me a jar of milo instead of a cup. :-(

Hubby came back, bro and SIL came to visit, and then they went for dinner at Delifrance. Then they left as hubby not allowed to stay the nite at 2 bedder ward.

8.50pm: They delivered a jug of plain water and a flask! I asked for warm water and given a straw to suck from.

9.00pm: They served milo! just a cup, ceh!

9++pm: Hubby called to ask how I was doing and if I've got drink.

4th Dec 2010:
Later I drifted in and out of sleep. They asked if I want to latch zaizai middle of nite, I said yes, while the mummy beside me said no. So, each time the drip needs to be replenished, and each time zaizai needs to be fed, I will have to wake up.

4++am: I couldn't sleep, I log on to the internet. One of the staff saw and came to wash me up, changed my dressing and changed my pad seeing that I was awake. Replaced the urine catheter as well.

6++am: another staff came to clean my face, body etc..

7++ am: Gynae came and checked on the wound says our own binder not good, she'll get her gal to bring us one. She also warned me not to be too active coz I sat up without the bed assistance. Gynae asked if I want toast for breakfast or crackers. I said I want toast. So, gynae gave instruction to the senior nurse to give me toast for breakfast, porridge for lunch and mee sua for dinner. The sound of the food made me felt havenly already.

7+++am: Hubby called to ask how I was doing.

10++am: Hubby came with MIL and helper while I was breastfeeding zaizai.

11++am: Hubby sent MIL and helper home. I got 2 nurses to help check if 1 bedder is already available. Nurse came to remove catheter.

12++pm: Hubby came back, but no news about 1 bedder. Hubby went for lunch while I get nurse's assistance to go toilet to pass urine for the first time.

2++pm: Finally got our 1 bedder, Room 635. Felt much more comfortable, and hubby could stay the nite!
Continued to breastfeed zaizai.. every 3 hourly.. hubby did the counting, I lose count..

5th Dec'10:

Morning: Dr. Chee came to inform us that zaizai is generally OK except for being G6PD deficiency. He asked who has the history. I said me, coz my bro is one. And zaizai's blood group is A, followed the dad's.
Evening: Nurse says zaizai has slight jaundice, will see what Dr Chee says the next morning.

6th Dec'10:

Morning: Dr. Chee came and informed he took blood from zaizai for testing. Result will be out by 11pm.
10.00am: Nurse came to inform that zaizai needs to undergo phototherapy about 12pt. Dangerous level is 20pt. But due to he is G6PD deficiency, he has to be closely monitored not to overshot.

7th Dec'10:

Morning: Dr. Chee informed that top and bottom phototherapy works to bring down jaundice to 9.4pts. Will do top only light and monitor.

8th Dec'10:

Morning: Dr. Chee informed that top only light should bring down jaundice level for normal case, but zaizai remained at 9.6pts. Although 0.2 increase is not significant, it has to be monitored closely for zaizai's case.

9th Dec'10:

Morning: Dr. Chee informed that jaundice increase by another 0.1pt, to 9.7pts. Couldn't bear the stress, I broke down over the phone. Wonder if Dr. Chee realised. He said he'll be away for 2 weeks, but his colleague will monitor and update daily as usual.
Really wish zaizai to be home. I don't mind sleepless nights, I will never complained about sleepless nights, all I want is zaizai to be home to his mommy.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

1st Pre-Natal Massage: 30th Sep'10

I finally met up with Ros (massage aunty) last night.

Was asked to sit on a chair with just panty and bra. And she started massaging my face, standing behind me. She told me my face started to swell, which is true.. hahaha.. then she massaged my head and told me I think too much and I always have headache, which is true.. :-D

Then she moved on to shoulders, I have really stiff shoulders, she says related to the headache I have, and asked me not to think too much..

Then asked me to lie on my side while she massaged my legs.. god.. it was havenly coz I started to have some water retention.. she also massaged to the buttock peak, where I felt painful when I walked after sitting for long.. she says coz baby sitting on the nerves..

Then moved to arms, same thing, started to swell a little.. hahaha...

Best part, the breasts! She asked me to remove my bra, and touched my breast, says I actually have milk! I can bf! Hahahaha.. but I've got some lumps.. she massaged and taught me how to lightly massage and clean my nipples so it'll not clog when bf..

Last but not least, she touched my bump, and told me baby has started to turn and my baby is big, which is another true fact.. :-D

Advice from her for me:
1) cannot walk too fast, she was shocked by the way I walked, coz she says 1st pregnancy must take it easy.. must walk slowly, otherwise bb will come premature..
2) cannot walk too much.. :-( coz the part below my bump, don't know what is it called, started to swell woh, so, I can't walk too much, lest baby come pre-maturely
3) watever we eat now goes to baby, so, must eat good food, and not eat too much. She asked me not to eat Mc'D coz it's fattening, no Pepsi or Coke... can take some water melon now, coconut to wait till 8th month, then drink alternate days so bb's skin is smooth and beautiful. drink not cow milk but soy milk and honey..
4) massage my breast and clean my nipple as what she taught
5) natural labour without drug - she says the contraction and the labour pain came with a purpose, they are to tell us when to push.. if use epidural will defeat the purpose and more difficult to push

Actually, she shared kinda alot, but I can't recall them right now. Will share again if I remember.. duhz...

About Ros:
1) she is 49 yo
2) with 11 kids - all natural birth without drug
3) semi-retire coz the eldest 3 kids already working and can provide for the family, so she kinda take it easier now

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Final Countdown - 11 weeks to go

Official countdown to the arrival of little one.. decided one of the better way is to EAT.. :-D

Thought of Italian fine dining coz I have been telling hubby about the gigantic portions I could not finish in Italy.. so, Italian fine dining it is.. Wanted to reserve table at One Fullerton, but next available table was at 9.45pm!! So, got ourselves a table at Gunther's instead.

We arrived on time, but were told they were getting ready, so we were asked to take a seat at the bar counter first. Inside, we could hear briefing, on Menu of the Day, etc..

I have decided on the Degustation Menu actually, when the captain introduced Menu of the Day, with real display of King Alaskan Crab, Lobster, Bamboo Clams, Scallops, White Truffles, etc..

Captain came back with a concerned look, bamboo clam and medium done lamb not suitable for me, so, they'll "do something different for me"...

I had still water, while hubby had sparkling. No champagne for him coz he was driving, and I was not allowed to drink.. what a waste.. :-(

1st: Fresh and piping hot french bread with salted french butter.. damn yummy...

2nd: 1 pc of prawn tempura.. yummy!

3rd: Cole Angel hair pasta with Oscietra caviar - goodness, that was the 1st time I had cold pasta, and it was superb! Portion is so much smaller compared to Italy though..

Then hubby's phone batt went dead.. and my phone konked out.. all the below without photo.. sob sob.. what a waste!

4th: Grilled bamboo clam in Provencale style for him, Grilled sweet tomato for me - hubby says clam was not that nice, but tomato was sweet and juicy...!

5th: Egg fondant with grilled seasonal mushrooms, with a slice of Spanish ham and Mozarella cheese.. - superb! egg was smooth, cheese was good..

6th: Grilled lamb rack - 3 smalls pcs, with some risotto and grilled corn.. yummy..

7th-a: French cheese: goodness, we couldn't take them.. 3 flavors, from mild to very strong.. felt like puking, stinko!

7th-b: Fine apple tart "a la dragees" with Havana rum raisin ice-cream.. the tart was piping hot and fresh.. ice cream was good!

7th-c: bits of dried apricot, and various nuts - in mini portions

8th: Coffee for hubby and tea for me - the waiter recommended ginger tea.. good recommendation!

9th: Petit Four - was too full to finish them liao..

Service was superb: 9/10
Food was superb: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10

Told hubby the washroom is a MUST to check-out.. with 5 star hotel decoration, Loccitane's hand wash and lotion, with fresh towels.. duhz...

This is the first time we've got a nice envelope to contain the receipt and credit card slip from a restaurant.. :-D

Saturday, 25 September 2010

25th Sep'10 (28 weeks)

My weight: 53.8kg
Baby's weight: 1.251kg

I have been feeling more and more tired. Easily get tired.. in need of more exercise and movement, otherwise I'll feel lethargic.

Yesterday, a customer commented I am one very bubbly pregnant lady. And I do not look that pregnant. Hahah.. I'll take it as a compliment.. despite the complexion getting worse, chin losing its sight, flabby arms.. hahaha...

Was asked to fast from last night midnight for glucose test. So, I stopped taking drinks or food since 11pm. Went to toilet a few times to pee.

Companied hubby to breakfast at usual place, made me more hungry, that I nearly wanted to faint.

First blood draw was at 8.30am, but by the time we registered and given the container to pee in, it was 8.46am. Was given a bottle of glucola, tasted like Orange juice, and asked to finish the whole bottle. Gosh.. quenched the thirst a little.. hahaha.. it was not as bad as described by some other mommies, but it was not as tasty either.

There, we bumped into Uncle J and wifey who were doing OSCAR scan. :-)

Then we went to gynae's clinic for routine check-up.

Gynae says baby has apparent double eyelid, looks like my eyes, and has my chin. Duhz.. of all the things.. I have no chin, so hubby said. :-p Baby's weight slowed down, instead of over the higher specs, he is now on the high specs. Not sure if I "starved" baby though, just hope for the best, that he'll take all the best from me. :-)

Second draw was at 9.46am, I was getting weaker and weaker.

Then we went to gynae's again to make next appointment and replenish our vitamins.

Third draw finally, at 10.46am, I couldn't wait to eat.

Had egg prata at usual place and came home. Less than an hour after we left hospital, clinic called, and informed that I am not diabetic, everything is normal.

Was so tired that I asked to skip lunch. I had to take a nap, and as usual, hubby playing Bejeweled.

He said I was smiling in my sleep, and I was singing too! Hahahaha... maybe coz I am relieved everything's ok?

I wonder if hubby will place his hand on my tummy middle of tonight, and call out for zaizai again... such a nice feeling...

Till next appointment on 21st Oc.. :-)

Monday, 30 August 2010

28th Aug'10 (24wks)

My weight: 52.0kg
Baby's weight: 774g

This is the first visit since we signed the package with Dr. Yvonne. Dr. measured baby's waistline and the bone length of his feet. His weight is estimated to be 774g, way exceeded the supposed 600g. Gosh...

I am not spared from the glucose test.. will have to fast from 12am to 8.30am for the first blood draw, to 2 more in an hour interval. How am I going to do it next month, I am not sure.

I asked if I could still travel, Dr. says yes, and give clearance till 20th Oct. Yippie! I can go to Wuxi one more time. And Dr. says, the last trip.

Baby's movement is a little haywired since the frequent traveling, I can no longer tell what time he is most active. Most of the times, hubby and I have time to really talk to him when we are lying in the bed. Hubby will call out "zai zai...." when he rubs lotion on my tummy. And feels his movement.

And that's the first thing he does every morning! I am now at the second place! He doesn't ask if I slept well first now, he asks, how is zai zai.. then ask how did I sleep. Could be worse if our baby is a gal, I guess. :-p

There are just too many things to be done in this trimester, when I am supposed to feel the best.

Cot was delivered, and it occupied the room like a giant. I can hardly do yoga in the room without touching either the wardrobe or the cot. :-(

We borrowed a few books for names choosing, but we didn't get the hang of it. I still like Isaac. :-D But hubby says we'll adopt the balloting system. Let's see when this procastinator will come out with some names.

We have also went to a few supermarket to jot down prices for diapers. Duhz.. it's not tough to buy stuffs from one shop, but it'll definitely make more economical sense to shop around for the best deal? :-D

Friday, 13 August 2010

The good and not so good things about being pregnant.. :-D

Now that I am in the mid of pregnancy, without morning sickness and all, if you ask me, how am I enjoying pregnancy, the very first answer I’ll give you is ‘nothing fantastic’.

Seriously, how fantastic is it:

1) If you can’t walk as fast as you used to be coz “something” will you pull you back?
2) If you can’t sleep well because you are NOT SUPPOSED to be sleeping on your back, but it hurts to sleep on the most recommended left side, and so not comfortable on the right side?
3) If you can’t help thinking, “wow, my tummy is growing by the day.. am I going to shed all this after labor?”
4) If you can’t help worrying if the stretch mark is every leave on your body, heck if not the tummy, maybe the thighs?
5) If you can’t help keeping bits by bits of your pre-pregnancy clothing, coz you keep outgrowing them, piece by piece.. and you have no choice but to buy some biggie.. and make your tummy more apparent than ever.

But… then, I’ll give you a second thought:

It is really wonderful when:

1) You start feeling your baby inside, especially when you notice he moves actively at some time of the day (mine will be 8-ish in the morning and 3-is in the afternoon), or at things you do, like listening to music, he will become as active and as gentle as the music be. :-)
2) Your hubby kisses and talks to your tummy everyday.
3) Your hubby applies olive oil lotion on your tummy every night before you turn in.
4) Your hubby tells your baby to protect you when you go overseas.
5) People start to notice that your tummy is not fat, but because you are pregnant, and people wonder with their big round eyes “are you….?” question.. hahaha…

It is especially wonderful when you get to see your baby in each ultrasound scan. He is a wonderful gift.

But then again.. I can’t complain, and I will treasure each moment.. As he’ll be our only precious.. our only darling. :-)

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Detailed Scan - 29th Jul'10 (19wks ++)

My weight: 49.7kg (huge milestone.. I am sure I am already 50kg at time of blog :-p)

Baby'w weight: approx 400g

We didn't ask baby fish to behave for this detailed scan. Or it was because both of us were so busy that we did not really give much thought of the detailed scan. And honestly, who knows what detailed scan is all about?

Just the night before, when hubby apply lotion on my tummy, he said "baby fish, you must be guai guai and co-operative tomorrow.. daddy needs to rush back to office" and sealed it with a kiss. Astonished.. I myself forgot to tell baby fish to behave. Hehehe..

And that's right, we couldn't see what we needed to see at just one shot.

Baby fish estimated as "big size", weighing as much as 400g, 100g more than the average (or the higher spec actually). Goodness.. and gynae says, not too bad as it is not showing on me.

Baby fish was moving, yawned twice, and then fell asleep right in front of 3 of us! God.. what a boy. And at that exact moment he fell asleep, I felt so tired and sleepy too. Contagious maybe.. so, now I know, when I suddenly feel tired and sleepy, it could be baby fish. :-p Not my fault! Hahaha...

So, we were sent to walk for half hour so baby will be awake. And then we went to sign up for the First Incentive Born with TMC, and got a nice goodie bag, with lots of goodies inside. Hahaha.. soothing music CD, breast pad, lotions, panty liner, diaper, all sorts of brochures and vouchers, and most importantly a few books.

Then we went back for the scan. Baby fish was still asleep, but after a few shaking, he woke up a little and moved a little. Finally all done. Heart, bladder, kidney, brain, toes, fingers, spine, bones, buttock, penis, scrotum, lips.. what else I don't remember, are all OK. What a blessing.

So now, to wait for next month's scan, to check if baby fish is really BIG or:

1) we caught him at one of the growing spike
2) I am diabetic, if he continues to be bigger than the average, then I'll have to be checked. Duhz...

We signed up for Dr Yvonne Chan's package, S$800. Next visit, we'll have to inform them which room do we want for delivery..

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Gynae Appt - 17th Jul'10 (18wks)

Weight: 48.1 kg (Goodness.. this is the heaviest in my life, ever)
Baby’s length: 12.8cm

It’s finally the day… we have been telling baby fish to be good, to show us what it has, and doesn’t has. Which means, show us the penis if it’s a boy.. hehehe..

Just this month, there has been more verbal confirmation from the elderly that I am carrying a boy. I was prepared…

Or so I thought..

Gynae said I looked better this time, maybe coz I don’t feel that sick anymore. I couldn’t agree more. Vomiting in very rare occasion did make me feel much better.

And so gynae asked, “so, today, we should be able to see the gender…”


“What do you expect it to be…?” she asked..

“Many people say it’s a boy..!”, I replied.

“What about daddy?” she asked again.

“Daddy wants a girl..” I told her.

“Ok, let’s see if what’s the people said is right..” and we started scanning…

“It seems like what people have been saying is right after all.. look at this..”

She showed us something on the monitor…

“That’s the scrotum, and that’s the penis.. it’s so clear.. it’s a boy!”

“Oh really?” I couldn’t help being disappointed and quickly glanced at hubby who was staring at the monitor.

“Ya, it is very obvious you see…”

Hubby was stunned staring at the monitor, my heart felt so painful.

And we quickly were done with the session, gynae giving me a letter to certify that I am pregnant and fit to fly to Europe till 15th Aug.

Walking out, I asked hubby if he felt disappointed. He said “you say ler?”

And when we were waiting for nurse to call me for payment, I asked hubby which day in the 2 weeks he is free for detailed scan. He said I can choose weekdays as I’ll be there myself.

Couldn’t help hurt by his words, I couldn’t help crying there and then.

The way he stared at the baby girl in front of us and the way he smiled at her broke my heart.

Is that it? Is it the end of what hubby will do for me coz baby fish is a boy?

My tears just couldn’t stop falling….

Nurse says detailed scan will take more than half a day, and say it can’t be done on a Sat. So, we fixed it on 29th Jul, the Thurs I will be back from Europe. She also explained the package that we are going to sign in our next appointment.

Perhaps hubby was feeling bad coz I keep crying. He tried to joke and tried to make the mood lighter. But I knew deep inside he was really disappointed. And I couldn’t help feeling disappointed for failing him as well.

We then made our way to the Pigeon warehouse sale but I forgotten the address. Hubby refused to drive around the area, only to 1 side of the area to look for it. I was sure we could find it if we just drive around. Felt much more hurtful coz I knew if I am carrying a girl, hubby would have gone all out to look for it.

Reached home, I dared not speak of the warehouse sale anymore or anything related to baby fish. The more I thought of baby fish and hubby, the more I am depressed. I just couldn’t help crying.

Hubby knew I was hurt, and tried to make up for it. He said I can go shopping for Gucci or Burberry baby bag. Then I joking told him, God gave us a son to protect me when he is gone. What am I going to do when my son goes for NS?

Hubby suddenly cried. I did not know why hubby broke down. He said, when our son goes for NS, he would be 6 feet underground. Couldn’t bear the thought of parting with hubby, I broke down as well. I told hubby he must stay healthy to see our son grow up.

Our feeling was as gloomy as the weather. Friends congratulated us for the baby son. I didn’t feel the happiness, but I felt bad for baby fish in my tummy. It is so unfair.

Silently, I was glad I was going to be away for a week to Europe. Otherwise, I would not know how to face hubby the whole time.

Hubby sent me to airport and I felt so sad to leave this time.

At the boarding hall, I couldn’t help crying again. Hubby sent a sms thanking me for giving him a son and sent me kisses.

I really don’t know if hubby has already accepted baby fish. Or he is just forced to make me happier.

While for me, didn’t realize I had expectations myself, couldn’t help feeling disappointed not being able to buy pink, ribbons, beautiful stuffs and doing girlie stuffs with baby fish. And it dawned upon me, that I have never tried to prepare myself for a boy. I was deceiving myself all along.

So not to be unfair to baby fish, I promise, I’ll try to look at the bright side. And I shall start thinking of what I can do with baby boy.

Till next detailed scan… to see our boy again.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

OSCAR Result : 19th Jun'10 (13wks)

The original appointment was supposed to be on 15th Jun, but I extended my Wuxi trip to 15th Jun, so, not able to make it. Hubby called to change appointment, but not in time, coz they called him and asked if I was going for the appointment. And because hubby will be real busy, we made a Sat appointment, on 19th Jun.

We had breakfast right opposite TMC, had prata, but not with daal. :-( The curry wasn't too bad though, some consolation.

We were the 2nd patient that day. Gynae says result looks good:

1) Both of us are not Thalasemia carrier - so we don't have to check this if we want a 2nd child
2) Based on my age, the risk for defective chromosome is 1:565
3) But, after all the adjustment (based on blood test & neck measurement) the risk is 1:11927 - which is very low, so not worth to proceed to make anymore test :-)

Gynae asked if we have any questions, but we didn't. I thought, ok, maybe just 1.

"When will I feel baby moving?"

She says about Wk 22.. so, it's still so far away..

Next appointment is on 17th Jul, as hubby and I will not be in town on weekends till then. July is a busy month, we'll go to Bangkok to return favor, and home to celebrate dad's birthday.

"Next time I see you, we'll be able to tell the gender" - gynae said. We smiled.. :-)

When we were waiting for the bill, hubby asked "thought you said we get to see baby.. liar"..

"Well, I was not the one decide, the gynae... if you want, we can go in and ask her to scan."

"Hmm.. no la"

"And we have just seen baby fish in like 2 weeks ago only!!"

And they changed my pills.. from Vitamin and Folic Acid, to Neurogain (DHA), Calcium and don't know what folic with vitamin. Gosh.. the pills are piling by the day. But I have been taking them diligently. :-)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

OSCAR Scan : 3rd Jun'10 (11wks++)

Weight: back to 45.5kg
Baby's length: 5.42cm

We reached gynae's clinic at 9.05am, and were told to pay for the blood test first. Then we made our way to the Fetal Assessment Unit in Level 4. There, we need to pay for the remaining OSCAR scan. And I was told to drink water.

While I was having the 2nd glass, and hubby went to check on when blood test will be, my name was called.

There was another mum to be looked at me with her eyes wide opened. Oh, my customer! We promised to talk after my scan. And so I went in.

Bladder was not full, so can't see much. Sonographer said baby was facing sideway, so she couldn't measure the neck thickness. She tried to press with the scanner and baby wailed, as if asked us not to disturb. No choice, I was asked to take a walk while waiting for bladder to be full and to wait till baby turned to the right position.

20 mins later, I told hubby I have full bladder and we should go for the scan. Hubby asked why only mummies go in, why no daddies. Hahaha.. first time, I see hubby so anxious to see baby. I thought he was cool about it. :-) Men!

After taken some measurements, the sonographer (a different one this time) asked me to empty my bladder and asked hubby to come in as well. Baby now measured 5.42cm with heart beat of 169bpm. :-)

Could see baby's forehead and nose.. but did not get the print this time.

As the analyser machine broke down, we could have result only next week the earliest, but I will not be in town. Maybe when I come back from the trip.

Meanwhile, hope baby fish behaves.. :-)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

2nd Gynae Appt - 11th May'10 (8wks ++)

Weight: 44.6kg
Baby's Length: 18mm

The appointment was supposed to be on 13th May, but due to some "technical problem" in office, I grabbed the chance to change the schedule to the day I was on MC. This time round, I drove myself as hubby was in Sydney for business.

So touched when gynae asked where hubby is.

I tried to fill stomach with water before I left home, but I couldn't keep the water inside. Throw up breakfast and all the water. Then I decided to go for the vaginal scan instead.

The image was so much clearer, and gynae says baby now measures 18mm, EDD 19th Dec'10 very clear. Our baby fish grow so much in 2 weeks. :-) She also showed that baby fish now has arms, tummy and legs. :-) Heartbeat was normal too, I was so glad and heaved a sigh of relief, from all the worries during Beijing trip.

Gynae explained on some tests need to be done in the next appointment. One of it include OSCAR, an assessment to analyse risk of baby fish with Down Syndrome.

So, now, I am anxiously waiting for the next appointment, to see our baby fish again. :-)

1st Gynae Appt - 29th Apr'10 (6wks ++)

Weight: 45.5 kg
Baby's Length: 6mm

Both of us took half day leave. Appointment was at 2pm, but when we arrived at 1.40pm, the nurses said we were early, coz they were still at lunch break. I was rather angry as the one who made the appointment for me told me to be 15mins earlier than 2pm for registration.

Anyway, we waited at the couch, till they re-opened. Registration was rather easy, but not just my particularts were needed, hubby's particulars as well. Made one feels like at home when they called both of us by name.

When I made the appointment by phone, I was asked if I was ok to do vaginal scan. I was not sure how I felt, but I chose to have abdominal scan instead, so I was asked to have full bladder for scan.

I drank nearly a bottle of 600ml water, but the urge to pee was not strong. Then it came, and I told the staffs, so we went in to see gynae. Coz full bladder, we were given the priority and did the scan immediately. Gynae said "not full yet..." and we had to wait another 30mins at least. I couldn't stomach anymore water, so we had to wait.

It suddenly started pouring, and the temperature in the room went down. And so, the urge to pee increased tremendously, but worried it's not full enough, I chose to wait a while more, till I couldn't stand.

Gynae: "Ah.. now it's full and see.. that's your baby... but abdominal scan can't see much at this point, I can only estimate how big it is, and when your due date is..."

So, our baby was estimated to be 6mm, EDD around 17th to 19th Dec'10.

When gynae switched on the speaker, we could hear "dup dup dup dup dup dup"... "That's your baby's heart beat..."

I was like "err.. I thought that was my heartbeat..."

Gynae: Fortunately, yours do not sound like that..

Hahahahah... and the nurse caught hubby smiling hearing baby's heartbeat.. :-) :-)

And so I had to pee quickly on a strip of pH test, I guess. Everything's normal and gynae took some time to explain when I'll start to gain weight (which will be in July) and when I may be due (anytime entering Dec'10).. and when I can travel safely.. well, too bad, I couldn't take her advice, although kinda worried.

Then I asked if there is anything I could do to make the morning sickness goes away. She said "why would you want it to go away? Some women do not experience them at all, and they really wish they could.. and that you have, you are lucky.. sometimes, some mommies came with bad morning sickness, few weeks later they came happily telling me morning sickness is all gone, and that's when I checked that their baby is no longer around..."

So, hubby held on to her words like words from God. He'll nag when I eat more, and worried when I do not feel sick. Sicko!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Finally.. our 1st gynae appt fixed..

How I feel: feel more nausea, but no throwing up, still mild sore breast

After a few big hoo and haa.. I finally made an appointment with the gynae I had wanted even before pregnancy, Dr. Yvonne Tan from TMC.

Read from internet, she is good, caring, and good at stitching. She has many patients who are doctors themselves. Although her fee is slightly high, it is surprisingly slightly cheaper than our supposedly 1st appointment at KKH.

So, our 1st gynae appointment will be on Thurs, 29th Apr, just before our Beijing trip. Although I feel perfectly fine, I am still worried when mom keep nagging about how not to walk so much in Beijing.

I appreciate elderly advice, but not to the extent worry me so much…

Lately, I have been able to doze off without much effort. Hahaha…

Many new friends in forum says they have really bad morning sickness, but people who are close to me like Jenny, JoAnne did not have any when they were pregnant.

I thought I am lucky enough… and I pray this is the worst I will ever experienced, coz I can’t afford to go on MC for weeks…

Beijing trip is my first long vacation ever, 8 days in total, without my laptop! Yippie! First long vacation, without having to work! But phone will still ring… still, the thought not having to work at the end of tired day in Beijing, thrills me.. :-)

My new objective in life: to think of just happy thoughts! :-D :-D

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hospital Shopping

I am still troubled over which hospital to choose.. which gynae to choose..

I made an appointment yesterday, to meet gynae before our Beijing trip. But we are not able to get Dr. Irene Chua, so settled for Dr. Lee Lih Charn instead. Tried to search for what other said online, but seems like not much is said.

Tried to fix hospital tour too, but KKH said only on every Fri, and there is none next week. :-( So, no hospital tour for KKH for now.

We went to hospital tour in Thomson Medical Centre today.

While waiting at the reception, there is mommy checked out, bringing her newborn home. The newborn was so tiny, both hubby and I had weak legs. :-p

And something amazed me.. in the tour group, there are many mommies to be that is heavily pregnant. Gosh, am I a bit kiasu? My tummy is not showing yet, and here we are, choosing which hospital to go to? ;-p Hubby says, probably because they are seeing gynae in prviate clinic, thus they have the luxury to choose hospital. Whereas, for us, we'll have to choose gynae in KKH or TMC. :-p

Then we were brought to the delivery suite. On the way, we heard baby crying, a newborn, having his/her weight and length measured. I was near to tears...

Surprised that there is a package for maternity, just like holiday package, hotel package. :-p

For one-bedded and above, there is even candlelight dinner for the couple! :-) hehehe..

Both hubby and I are so in love with the private suite... maybe we should do some calculation and see if we really want to enjoy such luxury.. **correction** see if hubby wants to let me enjoy such luxury for giving birth to our baby fish..

Not so good about TMC: cramped and expensive carpark, rather cramped surrounding, there's only Delifrance available.

Then we went to KKH for "sightseeing". It's so much different from TMC. Spacious, with more food options, Mc'D, Delifrance, Kopitiam, etc...

But we were not able to get any info there as the office is closed, on Sat.

Now, what we can do is just to wait for 27th Apr for first appt with Dr. Lee and get more information on KKH...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Which hospital to choose...?

How I feel: Mild sore breast, wobbled food like pig during meal times

I went to see Chinese Sinsei again yesterday. She asked to see gynae in 2 weeks time. Also not to carry my laptop on the shoulder.

She asked how I felt and things like that. I told her I didn’t feel anything. Only occasional tired.

Slept like a pig too.

Sinsei prescribed 2 weeks worth of medicine to “yong toi”. Just nice to replenish before we head to Beijing.

Now, the big headache that is still disturbing, what about the gynae arrangement.

Hubby agreed to go for hospital tour this Sat.

I still feel 15 and 16. Don’t know which hospital should I choose.

Don’t really like KKH due to Kandang Kerbau name.. but it’s economical enough to get the best service there.

Really love TMC (Thomson Medical Centre) 1 bedded room. But what if there is complication and need to refer back to KKH?

Duhz.. the headache continues for a while I guess.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

10th Apr 2010 (The Day)

Yeah, today is the day. And menses didn't come! I think I should be confirmed preggy, no? :-)

I started to write in Singapore Motherhood, asking the mummies to-be on my concerns.

Most of them say I should visit gynae before my trips, and I should really consider changing gynae.

Thinking about it, ya. I should reconsider. Why would I want to stick with Dr. Irene Chua if it means sleepless night?

So, now need to search online for more recommendation.

There is this Dr. Adrian Woodworth in Sengkang, near enough and he has a package that is reasonable. Even without hubby in town, I could have gone to see him myself. Ideal..?

But I don't know if I can accept a male gynae.. need to talk to hubby later when he comes back from his mj session. :-)

Good thing is, Dr. Adrian Woodworth will be delivering in Thomson Medical Centre, where I wanted it to be. Not Kandang Kerbau! Hahahaha....

9th Apr 2010 (29th day from last menses)

How I feel: still feel hungry easily, ocassional tummy cramp and easily tired after walking

Still don't feel that preggy... keep reminding myself to be careful at all times.

And still bothered by the trips.. there is another one in June.. but I really enjoy traveling. :-p

Hubby helped to change appointment with Dr. Irene Chua. It's going to be on 31st May, and that will be Week 11! Some says it's ok, some says it's too late. I think I really ought to see a gynae before flying to put my mind to ease.

Went to meet Phyllis, Michelle and Fiona with Sabrina after work. We had dinner at Din Tai Fung @ Cityhall. God, couldn't recall why I hated Din Tai Fung. The food was fantastic! Reached home rather late, at almost 11pm. Felt so tired and I couldn't help worrying. Is baby OK?

Reached home, I grabbed my towel and took out the 2nd last kit we have and went to bathe. It turned out baby is fine. I think I am being overly paranoid now, there is nothing to keep me calm except to see a gynae soon. :-p I need an assurance baby is in me!
And the line is darker this time.. :-p

Tomorrow is the day.. menses will be due tomorrow.. is it true we are expecting? Can't help worrying...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Round #4 : Strike!

I pray baby fish is here to stay...

8th Apr 2010 (28th day from last menses):
How I feel: Good, with mild breast sore, hungry easily, ocassional tummy cramp and worse after walking for long

Meeting was called at 10+. I went in the board room with my breakfast, curry bun. Lady boss asked "why, eating for two now?" I was surprised, but replied I didn't have time to eat properly. And so the meeting goes.. indicating we need to go Wuxi somewhere in June.

Came back from lunch, I felt rather giddy. Nearly black out again. Palms were pale. I was very worried. I want our baby fish badly, I am trying all means to protect myself and baby fish, please let us be healthy.

So I went to company's doctor and checked blood pressure and heart beat. Everything is ok doctor said. And she calculated, EDD will be on 19th Dec 2010. :-)

Bumped into lady boss on the way to toilet and she asked me again "Are you pregnant?" I was caught by surprise again. "Why do you ask? You could feel or something?" I asked her. She said no. "But are you pregnant?" I asked if it's because I gained weight or something? She said no, but coz I looked sickly recently. And she said, if pregnant means pregnant, how many months. I told her it's just coming to month. Still very soon. She said "it's a good thing, congratulations". :-) Thank you thank you....

Went back to office feeling much better. And we had photography session with boss who retired. Felt so tired standing.

And then YJ told me on Skype, lady boss just openly announced I am pregnant. Duhz... I was trying to hard not to tell too many people, and here it is.. more and more people know...

Today, it should be more and more confirmed, coz if it was a 28 days cycle, my menses due today. But then again, sometimes, it is a 30 days cycle, so I shall wait 2 more days before feeling relieved.

There is one headache though. How safe is it to travel during first trimester? Hubby and I will be bringing my mum to Beijing from 1st to 8th May, and my Europe trip will be from 16th to 23rd. I wonder if I can make it. :-(

And gosh.. if I were to go Europe, I would have to change my gynae appointment again. :-(

7th Apr 2010 (pm) (27th day from last menses):

I called KKH to fix appointment with Dr. Irene Chua. It was a rather chaotic appointment fixing.

First, it was fixed on 6th May, 8.20am, and I happily agreed. To realise I'll be in Beijing.

Then, it was fixed on 21st May, but at Clinic A instead of The Private Suite (TPS). Knowing it's not as good as TPS from DW, I called to change the appointment again, to 18th May, 9.40am. And the call centre operator wasn't really happy. :-p

7th Apr 2010 (am) (27th day from last menses):
How I feel: Good, with mild breast sore, ocassional tummy cramp and tired after walking too much

I woke up at 3am. Not sure what woke me up, maybe the full bladder. So, I took the digital kit to bathroom and peed on it.

The instruction was very clear. I had to wait for 3 minutes. Really high tech, there's a "waiting" icon blinking while the kit diagnose the content.

Then the "Pregnant" word came. Very much to my anticipation, I could predict the conceived date that will appear could be 1 to 2 weeks. And so the "1-2" appear, indicating 1-2 weeks since conceived and doctor will conclude the pregnancy as 3 weeks.

6th Apr 2010 (pm) (26th day from last menses):

We went to Watson's right after seeing Sinsei to get more kit.

Chose the Clearblue digital (new in market - the one indicate how many weeks you have conceived) and also a pair of Clearblue normal kit.

Reached home, I couldn't help to test when I bathed. I decided to use the normal kit first. Save the good one for morning urine. :-p Although quite confident, I was rather worried. What if it was a false alarm in the morning?

The kit was different from Watson's kit. The urine will pass the test window first, then the control window. And I saw the cross.. and waited for quite a while for the urine to move to the control window. Yes! The test worked, and it was positive again!

6th Apr 2010 (am) (26th day from last menses):

I woke up earlier than usual, from a dream. I dreamed I did a test, and I saw a faint pink line. Couldn't stop myself from taking out the Watson's kit from the drawer and went to shower. Hands were trembling when I unwrapped the kit, read the instruction and peed on it. Slowly, control line came in solid purple. Nothing happened at first. Started to feel a bit disappointed, then I saw it. Faint pink line! I blinked my eyes a few times, the line started to appear.

"Am I imagining the line?" I thought to myself.

I rubbed the window a few times. Is it the reflection of the light? I couldn't be sure. I kept staring at it for few minutes. In fact, the whole shower.

Then I went back to the soundly asleep hubby.

"Dear!" I jumped onto him. He reluctantly opened his eyes, but still lying down. I showed him the kit. He could tell what was the result. But he didn't really react the way I wanted. Ya, how I wanted him to jump from excitement. But he wanted to go back to sleep.

I couldn't stop giggling. But couldn't help worrying.. it's still too soon though. Maybe we should get some other brands to test again tonight, I told hubby. And he agreed.

Couldn't contain my excitement, I initiated conversation with Fiona over Skype. I told her I couldn't be sure. She was happy for me.

And so the next step, to ask for gynae info and chinese medicine to "yong toi".

DW recommended KKH where his daughter is born.

ML recommended Chinese Sinsei coz of my spotting. So we went after work, to the one at Golden Landmark, Wholistic.

Sinsei couldn't be sure of my pregnancy as it is too soon. She prescribed some medicine to be taken for a week, and back again if menses do not come. She said the medicine will help to speed up menses if not pregnant, or "yong toi" if I am indeed pregnant.

5th Apr 2010 (25th day from last menses):

I spotted some brownish discharge at work today. Secretly asked myself, if it could be menses coming early or it could be implantation per say. Brushed the thoughts aside, I decided to leave the confirmation till another week, after menses is due, so not to waste any pregnancy test kit. :-p

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Round #3 : Time-Out

Mom taught us a new formulation from Eu Yan Sang to increase chances of conceiving. We went to buy the materials immediately.

Just fated that I had to go to Bangkok peak of the cycle.

And hubby taking time-out again.

I feel frustrated and disappointed, but there should be a reason behind everything?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Round #2 : Time-Out

Probably we were just too stressed thinking about it, or was it fate….

We had a time-out in this round…

Disappointed, but tired, both mentally and physically…

It hurts to see him so fascinated trying to play with his colleague’s turning 2 years old daughter….

Have never seen that expression on his face before….
This round, I do not have to wait for menses to know we didn't make it..

***TIME OUT***

Friday, 15 January 2010

Round #1 : KO

We thought we’ve got baby fish in my tummy.

When I started spotting lightly on Sat, about 10 days after ovulation, I thought we have strike ToTo. For the next 6 days, I kept spotting lightly, started with very light pink, to very light brown. Just a drop everyday.

Menses wasn’t due until today. I am rather disappointed. Hubby is too.

I can imagine the anxiety in couple when they keep trying. There is menses cycle to lookout to, ovulation, the right day, the right time, and then it stops. The waiting game then begins. Will the menses come?

Maybe.. maybe not..

And when there’s slight change in the body, every little thing relates back to PREGNANCY.

Could we have done it?

Maybe.. maybe not..

We hope for the best, wish for better luck…

Till Round #2 begins.. :-)