Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hospital Shopping

I am still troubled over which hospital to choose.. which gynae to choose..

I made an appointment yesterday, to meet gynae before our Beijing trip. But we are not able to get Dr. Irene Chua, so settled for Dr. Lee Lih Charn instead. Tried to search for what other said online, but seems like not much is said.

Tried to fix hospital tour too, but KKH said only on every Fri, and there is none next week. :-( So, no hospital tour for KKH for now.

We went to hospital tour in Thomson Medical Centre today.

While waiting at the reception, there is mommy checked out, bringing her newborn home. The newborn was so tiny, both hubby and I had weak legs. :-p

And something amazed me.. in the tour group, there are many mommies to be that is heavily pregnant. Gosh, am I a bit kiasu? My tummy is not showing yet, and here we are, choosing which hospital to go to? ;-p Hubby says, probably because they are seeing gynae in prviate clinic, thus they have the luxury to choose hospital. Whereas, for us, we'll have to choose gynae in KKH or TMC. :-p

Then we were brought to the delivery suite. On the way, we heard baby crying, a newborn, having his/her weight and length measured. I was near to tears...

Surprised that there is a package for maternity, just like holiday package, hotel package. :-p

For one-bedded and above, there is even candlelight dinner for the couple! :-) hehehe..

Both hubby and I are so in love with the private suite... maybe we should do some calculation and see if we really want to enjoy such luxury.. **correction** see if hubby wants to let me enjoy such luxury for giving birth to our baby fish..

Not so good about TMC: cramped and expensive carpark, rather cramped surrounding, there's only Delifrance available.

Then we went to KKH for "sightseeing". It's so much different from TMC. Spacious, with more food options, Mc'D, Delifrance, Kopitiam, etc...

But we were not able to get any info there as the office is closed, on Sat.

Now, what we can do is just to wait for 27th Apr for first appt with Dr. Lee and get more information on KKH...


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