Monday, 25 May 2015

The unlucky weekend..

I made meringue
- I burnt 2 fingers

I went for dinner with friends
- I started having diarrhea before the dinner ends

I went for company wellness program
- we had to cycle in the rain
- I near missed an accident at a slip road
- I missed a turn and had to make a big detour on the way back

I went to pick IZ up from art class
- I got complained by the school neighbor for parking illegally opposite his house

I sent IZ to violin class
- I near missed an accident at a slip road
- I accidentally pressed the faulty side mirror switch and the side mirror folded out of shape
- IZ spilled yogurt drink on his shirt and pants in the car

I sent IZ to swimming class
- I missed a turn and had to make a big detour
- he panicked in the water and cried throughout his lesson
- someone took our float, we had to look for it around the pool

I'm just so glad the weekend is over.


"transformer holding a sword"

"you must take from here also, Mommy"

So, I took from all 4 angles

I don't remember what he said... :-(

Copying Kinder Surprise

Skinny "spiderman" - all from his memory

Skinny "captain America" - referred to cousin's iPhone

Ninja Turtle - all from his memory

Put this piece in my wardrobe to give me a surprise
"A man looking for Easter Eggs"
Noticed the man looking side way? It's intentional

Monday, 18 May 2015

Random updates over the weekendI

Dr Tan polishing and scaling his teeth
Super co-operative!

Strawberry Cheesecake, anyone!

The first title I could read ever since I took up Guzheng for real

Free performance by BHSO
I saw a Lute today!

How about modern guitar in Baroque music?
Thumbs up!

Project BESAR (Vesak Day Distribution)

It has been a  year since I started volunteering with Teck Chen Choling Temple. How time flies. I'm thankful I'm still able to volunteer, still find it in my heart to continue giving. I'm thankful IZ could join me too.

Date: 10th May'15 - Housecall

I went for the housecall with YJ and my cousin, V. I hoped to show V the other side of Singapore. For her to know that there are people in needs in Singapore too. It's not just about being a nice city and all glamorous.

Again, I managed to talk to the Cantonese speaking Aunty. This time round, I chatted a bit more.

For each work I carry out in the name of volunteering, I stay grounded, deeply humbled and grateful for what I have. And my heart goes all out to people who are in the receiving ends. It's not easy to survive, but they are hanging on.

Even then, they did not take advantage of kindness. One particular door we knocked on, we saw this. The message simply says do not waste the food, do not hang food on their door. And they ended with thank you.

Date: 17th May'15 - Packing

IZ and I joined later after violin class. Managed to help just the last bit of the packing.

He was perspiring, but he was happy to be able to help.

IZ helped to put 2 toilet rolls in each bag

Swimming update..

IZ started swimming lesson right after he turned 4.

The first few months was predictable, given his timid character. He took a step forward.. two steps backward.. half step forward, a step backward.. back and forth.. until.. right after our Melbourne trip.

Not that we went swimming in Melbourne, he just some, like a light bulb suddenly lit up. He has never looked back since.

He's been progressing, albeit slowly.. Teacher Victor is working on water safe stage.. get them accustomed to the water, able to float, able to paddle..

Last weekend:

Mustered courage to jump into the 1m pool

Learnt to float

Walking in the water
Really proud of him!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Drawing Lessons


"Angry birds with egg and clock"


"Kings men"

Monday, 11 May 2015

I watched him like an eagle..

IZ gets to play at the playground in KKH whenever there's speech therapy.

Few weeks ago, we did the same.

As usual, IZ would be ecstatic. He likes to play with other children. At the playground. At the rehabilitation center. At the taxi stand. Basically, everywhere. Something I'm really grateful of, at the same time, feeling guilty for not having another baby so he can have playdate perpetually all the time.
So, that day, we arrived at the playground. There were a few girls playing chasing. He tried to join immediately, but the girls ignored him. Naturally, as they each have their own siblings to play with.

I felt like an eagle while I was watching. Looking out, feeling sad when his effort to mix with the girls went futile. So I called him over, and offered him to go to the rehabilitation center earlier.

He refused. He said he wanted to play there.

Within 5 minutes later, he was playing chasing with the girls.

I heaved a sigh of relief from far.

I reflected, and reminded myself there's no need to be overly protective. 

He'll find his way. He can do it.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

IZ earned a credit..

A friend shared on delayed gratification related article on FB and it reminded me of an incident last night. It's not completely delayed gratification, but I think IZ earned a credit yesterday.

He was having mini Cornetto for dessert after dinner. Hubby asked him to be seated so that the ice cream will not melt and drip everywhere.

But IZ being IZ, has nails on his butts, can never sit still. He came to the room to look for us, and started talking.

Meanwhile, the barely eaten ice cream dropped on the floor.

Hubby asked him to clean up the mess and throw the ice cream away.

IZ left the room.

I told hubby to keep an eye on IZ, as he probably would have felt sad to throw the ice cream away, and probably eating it secretly. (I know, I'm negative... haiz)

To our surprise, when we walked into the hall, we saw IZ sitting on the sofa. All teary and upset, but was not throwing tantrum.

My heart pained seeing him. So pitiful.

For being able to take instructions so well and held it all up, I gave him a new cone.

I told him I really liked the way he listened to daddy's instruction to throw it away, yet not fuss over or throw tantrum over the ice cream, which was originally his fault anyway.

PS: on top of this, I reflected on my part, that I was skeptical of IZ's character. Bad mom.

Work-Life Balance

We watched a cartoon video on work-life balance yesterday morning.

The main character, was a man who is an employee. Initially, he knocked off on time, had time with baby and wife after work. Then, he knocked off later, when baby was asleep and wife got angry. Later on, he knocked off past midnight, when both baby and wife were asleep.

At night, we saw PM Lee on the news.

Me: Look at the PM, such a busy man
Hubby: he's THE PM, you know
Me: would you want to be a Prime Minister, IZ?
IZ: I want to be a policeman, remember?
Me: not a Prime Minister?
IZ: become Prime Minister later go home baby sleep already!

That's what he knows work-life balance..

Not that he has never complained when the dad had to work at home.

IZ: why daddy like to bring work home?

"Not that we want to, darling!"

IZ: but I want daddy to sleep with me..

PS: Actually I tried to psycho him to join army instead. If possible, as medical officer, so that he can join in rescue operations all over the world, not just contributing to Singapore society. (Inspired by the rescue team to Nepal to help earthquake victims.) I have strong desire for him to grow up a useful person, contribute back to the society, not forgetting his ground whatever he's doing, however high he can fly. Hmm.. a plastic surgeon who helps to reconstruct the poor people that need helps maybe?

"How was your day?"

While we were having dinner last night, hubby and I were busy catching up on each other's day. IZ was seated in-between.

IZ: why you like to talk to daddy and not me?
Me: hmm.. I enjoy talking to my husband about my day (where the whole no talking during mealtimes gone to, Mommy?!)
IZ: then what about me?
Me: all you'll reply when I ask how's your day is "good".. nothing to talk about right?

And so, this morning after we parted our ways, he suddenly came back running to the car..

IZ: I forgot to ask how was your work yesterday
Hubby: good!
Me: good! (then I had second thought about the monosyllable reply.. I added..) Not always good, but yesterday was good
IZ: not always good?
Me: yes not everyday a good day
IZ: oh, sometimes good?
Me: yes, let's talk about it tonight
IZ: enjoy your work, Daddy, Mommy!

Oh wait, how old is he again?

Monday, 4 May 2015

"What do you always think about?"

Yesterday, while we were out, IZ asked a question.

IZ: Mama, what do you always think about?
Me: (hmmmmm....) YOU!
IZ: Papa, what do you always think about?
Me: (Being cheeky) MONEY!
Dad: (Tried to be diplmatic) Ya, I always think about how to save more money
Me: What about IZ? What do you always think about?
IZ: I always think about all the cars are TRANSFORMERS!