Monday, 11 May 2015

I watched him like an eagle..

IZ gets to play at the playground in KKH whenever there's speech therapy.

Few weeks ago, we did the same.

As usual, IZ would be ecstatic. He likes to play with other children. At the playground. At the rehabilitation center. At the taxi stand. Basically, everywhere. Something I'm really grateful of, at the same time, feeling guilty for not having another baby so he can have playdate perpetually all the time.
So, that day, we arrived at the playground. There were a few girls playing chasing. He tried to join immediately, but the girls ignored him. Naturally, as they each have their own siblings to play with.

I felt like an eagle while I was watching. Looking out, feeling sad when his effort to mix with the girls went futile. So I called him over, and offered him to go to the rehabilitation center earlier.

He refused. He said he wanted to play there.

Within 5 minutes later, he was playing chasing with the girls.

I heaved a sigh of relief from far.

I reflected, and reminded myself there's no need to be overly protective. 

He'll find his way. He can do it.


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