Thursday, 7 May 2015

IZ earned a credit..

A friend shared on delayed gratification related article on FB and it reminded me of an incident last night. It's not completely delayed gratification, but I think IZ earned a credit yesterday.

He was having mini Cornetto for dessert after dinner. Hubby asked him to be seated so that the ice cream will not melt and drip everywhere.

But IZ being IZ, has nails on his butts, can never sit still. He came to the room to look for us, and started talking.

Meanwhile, the barely eaten ice cream dropped on the floor.

Hubby asked him to clean up the mess and throw the ice cream away.

IZ left the room.

I told hubby to keep an eye on IZ, as he probably would have felt sad to throw the ice cream away, and probably eating it secretly. (I know, I'm negative... haiz)

To our surprise, when we walked into the hall, we saw IZ sitting on the sofa. All teary and upset, but was not throwing tantrum.

My heart pained seeing him. So pitiful.

For being able to take instructions so well and held it all up, I gave him a new cone.

I told him I really liked the way he listened to daddy's instruction to throw it away, yet not fuss over or throw tantrum over the ice cream, which was originally his fault anyway.

PS: on top of this, I reflected on my part, that I was skeptical of IZ's character. Bad mom.


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