Monday, 18 May 2015

Project BESAR (Vesak Day Distribution)

It has been a  year since I started volunteering with Teck Chen Choling Temple. How time flies. I'm thankful I'm still able to volunteer, still find it in my heart to continue giving. I'm thankful IZ could join me too.

Date: 10th May'15 - Housecall

I went for the housecall with YJ and my cousin, V. I hoped to show V the other side of Singapore. For her to know that there are people in needs in Singapore too. It's not just about being a nice city and all glamorous.

Again, I managed to talk to the Cantonese speaking Aunty. This time round, I chatted a bit more.

For each work I carry out in the name of volunteering, I stay grounded, deeply humbled and grateful for what I have. And my heart goes all out to people who are in the receiving ends. It's not easy to survive, but they are hanging on.

Even then, they did not take advantage of kindness. One particular door we knocked on, we saw this. The message simply says do not waste the food, do not hang food on their door. And they ended with thank you.

Date: 17th May'15 - Packing

IZ and I joined later after violin class. Managed to help just the last bit of the packing.

He was perspiring, but he was happy to be able to help.

IZ helped to put 2 toilet rolls in each bag


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