Thursday, 7 May 2015

Work-Life Balance

We watched a cartoon video on work-life balance yesterday morning.

The main character, was a man who is an employee. Initially, he knocked off on time, had time with baby and wife after work. Then, he knocked off later, when baby was asleep and wife got angry. Later on, he knocked off past midnight, when both baby and wife were asleep.

At night, we saw PM Lee on the news.

Me: Look at the PM, such a busy man
Hubby: he's THE PM, you know
Me: would you want to be a Prime Minister, IZ?
IZ: I want to be a policeman, remember?
Me: not a Prime Minister?
IZ: become Prime Minister later go home baby sleep already!

That's what he knows work-life balance..

Not that he has never complained when the dad had to work at home.

IZ: why daddy like to bring work home?

"Not that we want to, darling!"

IZ: but I want daddy to sleep with me..

PS: Actually I tried to psycho him to join army instead. If possible, as medical officer, so that he can join in rescue operations all over the world, not just contributing to Singapore society. (Inspired by the rescue team to Nepal to help earthquake victims.) I have strong desire for him to grow up a useful person, contribute back to the society, not forgetting his ground whatever he's doing, however high he can fly. Hmm.. a plastic surgeon who helps to reconstruct the poor people that need helps maybe?


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