Wednesday, 14 March 2012

We are proud..

Issac is 15.5mo now.

I am still thanking God and counting my blessing every single day, for blessing us with such a wonderful child. He may be cheeky, he may be naughty, he may be too active, he may move non-stop, he may be slow in uttering any, but he is our precious.

I wouldn’t want to list what he can or cannot do at this milestone to give him pressure, but I need to jot it down somewhere to reminisce shall my memory start failing soon.

But we were pretty impressed when he could recognize Buddha statues or any statue or figures related to our religion. Then, his hands will clasp together, gesture the bai-bai aka praying. I intend to send him to Sunday school to learn Dhamma and values, but Dhamma classes will not be opened for young toddlers, probably after 4 years old.

He showed a lot of progress recently. He could place similar puzzles onto each other, try to stack, say “step” and lookout for step carefully, sit down and try to take off his sandals when you tell him “take off your sandals first, Issac”, will nod his head when you ask him he wants more, will point to his head when you ask, occasionally mix up nose and eyes and mouth, will pull your hands to take whatever he wants, either open door or take his toys box or things that are difficult to reach, he would also hum and clap to some of the rhymes we play in the car.

In MLG class, he could follow teacher’s simple instruction, like take a piece of feather and blow, or feed the animals. He says “dog” when he sees one and “duck” when he sees anything with a beak, that including birds and ducks. Hahaha.. and both dog and duck actually sound the same from his mouth. Nevertheless, I am happy as he didn’t call anything with 4 legs a “dog” or anything with 2 legs a “duck”.

In music class, he loves to play the wooden instruments, or anything that make nice and soothing sound. Recently he learned how to march and jump, so he will dance and march and jump in the class, to the music and all. Past 2 lessons, teacher guided him on the piano, I could see he loves it coz he didn’t pull his hands back. Usually he refused to be hugged by anyone, but last weekend, he caught everybody by surprise, by hugging everyone including the teacher, Keith gor-gor and his dad.

He loves drawing using marker, crayon, pen and anything that can leave a trace behind. Probably the next in the to-buy list is an easel for him to learn and draw. That will have to wait till he goes to school and we shall see where his interest is heading to.

For now, we bought the study desk and chair. He loves to act like a big boy, bring a chair, sit on it, take a marker and look for a piece of paper to draw. He is learning very fast, we have to make full use of his current potential lest more difficult to cultivate him in the future when he has his own point of view.

I am looking forward to the days when we can sit down together and have some fun learning. :-)