Sunday, 18 October 2009

1st Cooking Class

After many proposals from YJ, after much consideration on venue, time, day, etc, we (YJ, Rebec and I) finally decided to take the Chinese Restaurant Cooking classes, on every Tues at TPY Central CC.

We learned “Stewed 5 Multi-Flavor Chicken” and “Fried HK Noodle” in the first lesson.

When we opened the door to the classroom, I was “awed”, in total shock. Not to sound disrespectful, but I kinda expected the crowd to be slightly smaller, and “younger”. There were aunties, uncles… the way they stared at you made you felt like you have stepped in the wrong class. Or perhaps, the way I stared at them told them I was in the wrong class.

Our teacher, Mr. Teo (sounds like hubby’s name) moved effortlessly around the kitchen island, teaching in both Mandarin and English. He speaks fast, so fast that the 3 of us caught a bit of each sentence.

“One and a half teaspoon” teacher said in English.

“Half teaspoon” we repeated.

“One and a half teaspoon” teacher said in Mandarin.

“Oh… 1 + ½ teaspoon” we acknowledged.

It was really difficult to catch all he said, I thought we were doing fine, as YJ peeped into the other lady who sat beside her for some parts we missed, COMPLETELY.

Now, I’ve really gotta make some abbreviations for teaspoon, tablespoon, etc.. and I thought of my sis, baking at home, with her multiple size scoops.

When teacher was almost done with the dishes, he said, “ok, you may put your Tupperware here now…”

We were like stunned, “tupperware?!?!”

Honestly, I knew we get to eat his cooking, because he was cooking 3 chickens and 3 packs of egg noodles, but hello, did anyone ask us to bring our own Tupperware?

Everybody, except 3 of us plus another student moved forward and placed their all kind of Tupperware on the table.

“You’ll have to pay S$3 for the ingredients”, teacher added.

Ok, so now, we have to pay, and we DO NOT have a Tupperware.

So, when the Treasurer Aunty came to us, we asked her, “what happened if we didn’t bring our Tupperware?”
“Oh, it’s ok, can let teacher know and he may be able to help”.

Ok, so, who will let teacher know? Not me.. it was so embarrassing! YJ started pulling her pitiful face… ok, YJ should really go. Hahaha…

“Ok, I’ll let you guys use plastic bags this time, but must remember to bring your own the next time”, teacher said.

Phew... relieved… we didn’t pay S$3 for nothing.

“Remember, must bring your own next time. I may not have bags the next time”, he said again.

Few minutes later….

“Remember to bring your own tupperware the next time….”

Sigh.. I told myself, even if I or anyone din bring the next time, probably it’s better to keep our mouth shut, or ask to use the CC’s bowls and utensils.

Ok, so we learned 2 dishes, and so our class ended almost 2 hours later.