Friday, 31 May 2013

IZ says.. (almost 30 months)

29th May'13


Lately, I've been telling IZ about countries. Not teaching him about countries, but casually talked about from which country who are from.

It all started from the "I Love HK" t-shirt the daddy bought from his trip last year. An Aunty asked IZ what are the words on the shirt, and he said Hong Kong. I told him that Da Jiu Mu came from Hong Kong, etc.. so he knows Hong Kong.

As we are going to Taiwan next week, I casually ask IZ:

Me: we're going to Taiwan next week.. Are you happy, IZ?
IS: I want to go Hong Kong

He replied me so casually that I went "HUH!"

Luckily he didn't insist he MUST go to Hong Kong. Even better, he doesn't know there's Disneyland in HK!



30th May'13


I pretended to have injured my hand and in bad pain..

IZ: I call the doctor (pick the house phone up)
Me: very painful!!
IZ: doctor no more! (exclaimed anxiously)

IZ: daddy! call the doctor!
Daddy: (picked up the phone) hello doctor!
IZ: daddy! press the number first!
Daddy: huh
IZ: let me press the number for you!


Added on 4th Jun'13 (happened on 30th May'13)

What day is tomorrow?

Me: today is Friday.. what day is tomorrow?
IZ: Sunny day!



I was showing him the Egyptian mummy..
IZ: no, mummy is not there, mummy is here (pointing to me)
Me: this is mummy mummy
IZ: no, this is daddy!

You wouldn't believe how loud I laughed.. LOL!

Added on 4th Jun'13 (happened on 1st Jun'13)


I was playing candy crush on my phone.. (ya, the very popular game right now right.. hahaa)

IZ: Mommy, mommy, what are you doing?
Me: I'm playing games
IZ: no, no, keep the phone
Me: but I feel like playing
IZ: no, no, it's too dark already, the moon is out, it's night time, keep the phone.. Good night darling..

I was left speechless.. had to keep my phone of course, coz his speech was what I used to put him to sleep if he is distracted with something else..

What's more.. now he uses "DARLING" a lot, especially when he wants to get something..

I'm definitely tasting my own medicine!!


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Vesak Day: 24th May'13

It's IZ's 3rd Vesak day!

This time, if you ask how to bathe Baby Buddha, he would say:

"First, put in the money, then you take the water and flower and bathe Baby Buddha"

This is by far the best detailed description (with gestures) I've heard from our little 29 months.

1st Vesak - got a beaded bracelet from the uncle in Temple

2nd Vesak - Bathing Baby Buddha

3rd Vesak - Bathing Baby Buddha

Mess-less play: 25th May'13

I saw this mess-less play in some blogs as well as articles of fun activities to do with toddlers.

And so, on the fateful morning, I woke up and dumped some baby oil, a few colours into the ziplock bag and thought of letting him play, without mess.

Oh well, it didn't work on him. He kept asking me to open up so he could use the paint to paint. He prefers MESS, anytime!


Bottle Tree Park Adventure: 26th May'13

Our plan was to bring him back to Lower Seletar Reservoir to let him play with the water, as promised to him the week before. But he was having a bit of runny nose, and he looked so lethargic in the car. So I asked if he would like to play with water or just go to a park to see trees.

He replied that he didn't want to play with water. That's all you need, water, the favorite part for kids, and he rejected, something was very wrong.

And so we changed direction, to Bottle Tree instead (after seeing a friend posted on FB that Bottle Tree is going to be closed in Oct'13).

I didn't mind coz IZ and I were going to Sentosa the very next day, the last thing I want was a sick toddler for our staycation.

Watching prawning for the first time

Pond full of kois

Right outside the bistro

Another full pond

Nice view

There are birds too

Overlooking the lotus pond

The boy was not lethargic at all

Quite rundown cow carriage

Verandah for function perhaps

Rundown playground


The centerpiece of the restaurant


Longkang fishing - $10

2D kampung house

The trademark, BOTTLE TREE

Poor beautiful birdie in a rundown cage

Little farm

Sustaining kampung style


Don't know what's this called in Eng, but tandu in Malay

Looks like bird nest to me

Old fashioned mail box?

Didn't know there are so many stuffs to do in there

Car racing!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sand world..

I was impressed, it was his first encounter with the stones as well as dry sand at home..

His 1st sand world

Thursday, 23 May 2013

My best trip ever.. to the shop..

I'm not sure if you experienced this before.

Bringing your child out, but it turns out almost like a disaster as he steers a completely opposite direction of where you were heading, adrenaline rush, you had sweaty palm and head thinking how to tame the little monster.. how to pull the little monster back to your path that seems endless, not to touch this or that lest they break and you have to pay, not to stop every 5mm he moves to look around coz you are rushing for time..

That's how I felt when I brought mine out, alone.. most of the times, especially since I stopped using stroller.

So, it was a gamble last night, asking if he would like to company me to the shop nearby to buy things.

He said yes of course.

So down we went.

To my surprise, it was my most pleasant trip with him ever.

Not only did he not pull away from me when I held his hand. He walked along me, just like a grown up. We stopped only for a brief minute to look at the snail crawling. And we talked, like grown ups.

In the shop, he went to the aisle I instructed, and he stayed close to me, not running everywhere.

When I took the cans of longan I wanted to buy, he offered to help me to put into the basket. I was so happy. Then he saw a tin of biscuits and told me "it is very nice", and asked me to buy. I took the tin and passed to him, and he carried it to the cashier.

I was more than impressed of his actions.

My hands were full, so I couldn't hold his hand, but he stayed close. He even held on to one of the plastic bags and said "let me help you".

Gosh, it was my best trip ever. My son has grown up!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

IZ colours..

To be honest, only our helper could make him do this.. only she could make him stay still and work on something.**

Note: the yellow flower on the 2nd row was coloured by our helper.

The rest were coloured by IZ. I think at 29 months old, they are good!

** only lately he could stay still when I read to him..

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lower Seletar Reservoir: 19th May'13

I didn't do much homework for this week's excursion, but I thought of going to Changi Broadway Walk as suggested by a friend. But then, we woke up quite late, close to 9am, so I suggested impromptu trip to Lower Seletar Reservoir.

Walking into the reservoir - so nice!

Beautiful view

Beautiful view


And so I didn't know there was a waterplay.. I didn't bring extra clothings, the poor boy kept asking to play water.. next week maybe?

Leading to the amphitheatre


Such cooling place, no joke!

I wonder what they do with this stage

He ran around it

Wonderful place to see MRT

Kayaking and mini dragon boat

Golf course

And solar panel!

Labrador Nature Reserve: 12th May'13

Since I fell ill 2 weeks ago, I contemplated to re-start our nature walk regime again.

And so I thought we start off with Labrador. Apparently Labrador played a significant role in the history of Singapore during World War II. Remaining of these war relics could be seen around.

Just next to the car park - it's very convenient
Wasn't this a beautiful day?

Breezy windy concrete walkway, overseeing the ships, cruises

Rocky sea cliff

Beautiful view

Fine sand at the playground

"rock climbing" for him

A-maze-ing race

I'm not sure what this is called

In search of Tunnel

Climbing the endless stairs..

One of the many shelters

6inch gun emplacement

Looks real isn't it?

Underground storeroom

The infamous wall