Thursday, 23 May 2013

My best trip ever.. to the shop..

I'm not sure if you experienced this before.

Bringing your child out, but it turns out almost like a disaster as he steers a completely opposite direction of where you were heading, adrenaline rush, you had sweaty palm and head thinking how to tame the little monster.. how to pull the little monster back to your path that seems endless, not to touch this or that lest they break and you have to pay, not to stop every 5mm he moves to look around coz you are rushing for time..

That's how I felt when I brought mine out, alone.. most of the times, especially since I stopped using stroller.

So, it was a gamble last night, asking if he would like to company me to the shop nearby to buy things.

He said yes of course.

So down we went.

To my surprise, it was my most pleasant trip with him ever.

Not only did he not pull away from me when I held his hand. He walked along me, just like a grown up. We stopped only for a brief minute to look at the snail crawling. And we talked, like grown ups.

In the shop, he went to the aisle I instructed, and he stayed close to me, not running everywhere.

When I took the cans of longan I wanted to buy, he offered to help me to put into the basket. I was so happy. Then he saw a tin of biscuits and told me "it is very nice", and asked me to buy. I took the tin and passed to him, and he carried it to the cashier.

I was more than impressed of his actions.

My hands were full, so I couldn't hold his hand, but he stayed close. He even held on to one of the plastic bags and said "let me help you".

Gosh, it was my best trip ever. My son has grown up!


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