Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bottle Tree Park Adventure: 26th May'13

Our plan was to bring him back to Lower Seletar Reservoir to let him play with the water, as promised to him the week before. But he was having a bit of runny nose, and he looked so lethargic in the car. So I asked if he would like to play with water or just go to a park to see trees.

He replied that he didn't want to play with water. That's all you need, water, the favorite part for kids, and he rejected, something was very wrong.

And so we changed direction, to Bottle Tree instead (after seeing a friend posted on FB that Bottle Tree is going to be closed in Oct'13).

I didn't mind coz IZ and I were going to Sentosa the very next day, the last thing I want was a sick toddler for our staycation.

Watching prawning for the first time

Pond full of kois

Right outside the bistro

Another full pond

Nice view

There are birds too

Overlooking the lotus pond

The boy was not lethargic at all

Quite rundown cow carriage

Verandah for function perhaps

Rundown playground


The centerpiece of the restaurant


Longkang fishing - $10

2D kampung house

The trademark, BOTTLE TREE

Poor beautiful birdie in a rundown cage

Little farm

Sustaining kampung style


Don't know what's this called in Eng, but tandu in Malay

Looks like bird nest to me

Old fashioned mail box?

Didn't know there are so many stuffs to do in there

Car racing!


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