Friday, 10 May 2013

"Do you want Daddy to punish you?"

Hubby has some problem controlling IZ when he misbehaves, and so at times, he punish him physically, either pull his ears, or cause him pain on his face etc.

IZ is scared of the daddy's punishment.

And so, I use his weak point to control him.

Whenever he misbehaves, I would say "do you want daddy to punish you?"

He would clasp his hands and cover his ears and face and says "I DON'T WANT!"

It works, all most of the times!

This morning, IZ dillied-dallied (as usual) before we left home for school and work. He just like to "perform" some good shows, singing, jumping, running about before he finally settles down to wear his shoes let us put on his shoes, and that means FOREVER.

So, I used my weapon "do you want daddy to punish you?"

To my surprise, he didn't say "I DON'T WANT!" instead he asked "WHY?"

While it was really funny when it happened, it was a reminder to myself that he has grown-up. I have to be responsible for my actions and my words, as he is fully capable of questioning already.


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