Friday, 31 May 2013

IZ says.. (almost 30 months)

29th May'13


Lately, I've been telling IZ about countries. Not teaching him about countries, but casually talked about from which country who are from.

It all started from the "I Love HK" t-shirt the daddy bought from his trip last year. An Aunty asked IZ what are the words on the shirt, and he said Hong Kong. I told him that Da Jiu Mu came from Hong Kong, etc.. so he knows Hong Kong.

As we are going to Taiwan next week, I casually ask IZ:

Me: we're going to Taiwan next week.. Are you happy, IZ?
IS: I want to go Hong Kong

He replied me so casually that I went "HUH!"

Luckily he didn't insist he MUST go to Hong Kong. Even better, he doesn't know there's Disneyland in HK!



30th May'13


I pretended to have injured my hand and in bad pain..

IZ: I call the doctor (pick the house phone up)
Me: very painful!!
IZ: doctor no more! (exclaimed anxiously)

IZ: daddy! call the doctor!
Daddy: (picked up the phone) hello doctor!
IZ: daddy! press the number first!
Daddy: huh
IZ: let me press the number for you!


Added on 4th Jun'13 (happened on 30th May'13)

What day is tomorrow?

Me: today is Friday.. what day is tomorrow?
IZ: Sunny day!



I was showing him the Egyptian mummy..
IZ: no, mummy is not there, mummy is here (pointing to me)
Me: this is mummy mummy
IZ: no, this is daddy!

You wouldn't believe how loud I laughed.. LOL!

Added on 4th Jun'13 (happened on 1st Jun'13)


I was playing candy crush on my phone.. (ya, the very popular game right now right.. hahaa)

IZ: Mommy, mommy, what are you doing?
Me: I'm playing games
IZ: no, no, keep the phone
Me: but I feel like playing
IZ: no, no, it's too dark already, the moon is out, it's night time, keep the phone.. Good night darling..

I was left speechless.. had to keep my phone of course, coz his speech was what I used to put him to sleep if he is distracted with something else..

What's more.. now he uses "DARLING" a lot, especially when he wants to get something..

I'm definitely tasting my own medicine!!



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