Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Labrador Nature Reserve: 12th May'13

Since I fell ill 2 weeks ago, I contemplated to re-start our nature walk regime again.

And so I thought we start off with Labrador. Apparently Labrador played a significant role in the history of Singapore during World War II. Remaining of these war relics could be seen around.

Just next to the car park - it's very convenient
Wasn't this a beautiful day?

Breezy windy concrete walkway, overseeing the ships, cruises

Rocky sea cliff

Beautiful view

Fine sand at the playground

"rock climbing" for him

A-maze-ing race

I'm not sure what this is called

In search of Tunnel

Climbing the endless stairs..

One of the many shelters

6inch gun emplacement

Looks real isn't it?

Underground storeroom

The infamous wall


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