Friday, 10 May 2013

IZ writes..

29 months

I do not really believe in making him write as such young age (especially not when he can't hold the pencil in the "correct" way - it's going to be a long debate if you disagree that there is a "correct" way.. to me, the "correct" way, would be the most efficient way to write ALOT and FAST). So, I do not teach him at home, on how to write. I provide resources mainly from art & craft and also the lessons, but they do not stress on writing. But he can write most of the letters now, in capital.

All thanks to Leap Frog and my helper I guess. If you are wondering, Leap Frog (Letter Factory) is a good "investment". The Prof in the show writes out every letter, how do they sound as well as item that starts with the letter. IZ learnt alot from him and helper who is always challenging him, bringing him to greater heights from "academically".

As he progressed, at times, when he watch Letter Factory, IZ would bring his drawing board and imitates how to write the letters. I guess that's where / how IZ learnt how to write.

I noticed IZ is a visual person, he knows how the letters look like and he would make the strokes although not in the correct sequence, such that the letter resemble something he visualised.

He's not that smart to be able to write this purposely at 29 months. Read, he won't be able to write if you say write "Daddy, I love you".

I prompted him the letters one by one and he wrote himself. I added the heart as he doesn't know now that LOVE could be represented by a heart. I guess he would have his years writing lovey mushy notes to (potential) girlfriends to come.

Prompting at 29 months
28 months

He will not entertain us every time we prompt him, but one day in Apr, he did humour us a little. So I did some prompting:
O and P
I.. instead of writing it itself, he chose to add a line below from a random T
E with extra stroke
Mirror image of G
MMMM..... M!
Mirror image of C


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