Thursday, 1 July 2010

OSCAR Result : 19th Jun'10 (13wks)

The original appointment was supposed to be on 15th Jun, but I extended my Wuxi trip to 15th Jun, so, not able to make it. Hubby called to change appointment, but not in time, coz they called him and asked if I was going for the appointment. And because hubby will be real busy, we made a Sat appointment, on 19th Jun.

We had breakfast right opposite TMC, had prata, but not with daal. :-( The curry wasn't too bad though, some consolation.

We were the 2nd patient that day. Gynae says result looks good:

1) Both of us are not Thalasemia carrier - so we don't have to check this if we want a 2nd child
2) Based on my age, the risk for defective chromosome is 1:565
3) But, after all the adjustment (based on blood test & neck measurement) the risk is 1:11927 - which is very low, so not worth to proceed to make anymore test :-)

Gynae asked if we have any questions, but we didn't. I thought, ok, maybe just 1.

"When will I feel baby moving?"

She says about Wk 22.. so, it's still so far away..

Next appointment is on 17th Jul, as hubby and I will not be in town on weekends till then. July is a busy month, we'll go to Bangkok to return favor, and home to celebrate dad's birthday.

"Next time I see you, we'll be able to tell the gender" - gynae said. We smiled.. :-)

When we were waiting for the bill, hubby asked "thought you said we get to see baby.. liar"..

"Well, I was not the one decide, the gynae... if you want, we can go in and ask her to scan."

"Hmm.. no la"

"And we have just seen baby fish in like 2 weeks ago only!!"

And they changed my pills.. from Vitamin and Folic Acid, to Neurogain (DHA), Calcium and don't know what folic with vitamin. Gosh.. the pills are piling by the day. But I have been taking them diligently. :-)


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