Friday, 17 December 2010

Post Delivery

10th Dec'2010:

My mum came from KL the nite before. We picked her from bro's place before heading to TMC to visit zaizai and also gynae appt. On the way to pick her, I called TMC nursery to arrange for breastfeeding, as in, ask them not to feed him first, wait for me. I was told by the nurse that Baby Chow could be discharged. I was so over the moon, "really? that's really great news!" I exclaimed.

Then I got all excited, and worried. Damn.. I disassembled his cot the nite before, coz I was so upset, I even thought some soul or spirit were lying on his cot, so comfortable that it doesn't want zaizai to be home. And I prayed to KuanYin that I will go pray to her and eat vege for 3 days after confinement if zaizai is discharged. Prayers came true. :-)

Nurse pushed zaizai to us, I couldn't help grinning from ear to ear. :-D And we were really told that they were waiting for Dr. Anthony's instruction to discharge him that day. :-) :-) So, we played with him for a while, and then bro went to work, we went for gynae appt.

Was so anxious coz Dr. Anthony normally calls at 9-ish to inform of zaizai's status, but it was 10-ish, but no news from him. Then I saw his missed call, asked hubby to return the call. At first he was reluctant, but I insisted while I went in to get my dressing changed.

I lose 6.8kg the first week! Voila! Was so happy.. and the wound was healing nicely, they showed me using a mirror. Gynae asked if I have been pumping bm while waiting for zaizai to be discharged, I say yes.. and she asked me how much now.. I told her about 100ml.. she says "good cow!" hahahaha... Next appt will be in a week time...

11am: Went out to hubby and mum, hubby says Dr. Anthony approved zaizai's discharge and we have to get the procedure done! Yippie! So we went back to the nursery and asked for the procedure. Apparently discharge documents could be ready only at 12pm... So we told them that we'll be back at 12pm...

And so hubby brought us to KuanYin temple to pray. Unfortunately, mum says, I can't pray in the temple coz I have just delivered a baby, I could only pray from the outside. So, I told KuanYin that I'll bring zaizai to pray to her when I completed my confinement, and I will eat vege 3 days. :-) :-)

I also called home to helper and MIL to clean our room once again to ensure cleanliness before bringing zaizai back. Hubby also cleaned the baby car seat once again to ensure no dust.

Back to hospital at about 12pm, hubby got the discharge procedure and payment done. Then zaizai was released to us, at 2.995kg, hubby settled bill with gynae and we were on the way home.

Put zaizai on the car seat, and he didn't fuss! Though a bit too straight up, he slept throughout the journey, and hubby was driving like a tortoise.. :-D

Felt so good having zaizai at home.. I didn't mind the sleepless nite.. no confinement lady, we had to do everything by ourselves.. :-) :-)

Zaizai will cry when he wets his diaper, and I will latch him once we changed for him. Every 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs.. it's such a bliss to be able to breastfeed him.. :-) Luckily it is over the weekend, thus, hubby can lend a helping hand too. Poor hubby deprieved of sleep when he goes to work everyday.

13th Dec'2010:

Zaizai's first PD's appointment is with Dr. Keoy as Dr. Anthoy is away for 2 weeks vacation. Helper and I put him in the stroller when we reached Novena Medical Centre. He didn't fuss too! Good beginning! Everything with him is fine, weight is 3.21kg. Jaundice only at the face, and Dr. Keoy says jaundice will subside in 2-3 weeks time, god bless us. Gave us some cord powder to dry up his umbilical cord, and we headed home directly.

15th Dec'2010:

CL came today. And I felt so upset with her and her talking.. so much so I cried. But hubby came back from work, and we discussed, he asked me to give her another chance so I can get to eat some tonic. No choice, hubby has been insisting to get this help. Now, we are overloaded with helpers at home.

Good thing about having her here is I do not have to change zaizai's diaper, just pass to her, and she'll do the rest. Some time down the road, I will have to teach our helper how to do it too. So I can go out for my facial and shopping for CNY.

Hubby got the list of names from the geomancer, and after much of discussions and considerations on the pronunciations and meanings of the names, we finally decided on Issac Teo Kai Hong. Hubby likes Kai Hong, and I like I-Z, but hubby was the one who chose I-Z with a double S instead of the common I-Z with a double A, Isaac. :-) And we worked through the night to fill up the birth registration form and also the baby bonus.

16th Dec'2010:

Hubby dropped me at TMC at 8.30am as the counter opens at 8.30am. Got a Q number, the 2nd in line, and the birth registration completed within 15 mins! Then I settled the baby bonus application. As we chose Stand Chart as the bank, we could pass the forms to TMC instead. :-) :-) Super efficient system I can say.

Zaizai's name is officially Issac Teo Kai Hong! Many many happiness.. :-)

Waited so many hours to see gynae at 11.30am, I decided to go to the clinic earlier to try my luck. Gynae says wound has healed properly and that I do not look like post-op. Hehehe.. I forgot to praise her skills.. :-P And so the next appointment will be a month later, for pap smear. Was given a pc of silicone gel to paste onto my wound to avoid keloids. Ya, I guess I need that as my skin is not so good... :-)


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