Thursday, 20 June 2013

Taiwan: Taipei (10~12 Jun'13)

We headed straight to Sato Castle Motel where we would put up for the last 2 nights of our trip. For review and photos of the hotel, please click on the link here. Time for check-in was 6pm, we were earlier by an hour, so we decided to take a walk at the Miramar Entertainment Park, but later decided to head straight to Shihlin Night Market.

Sato Castle from the outside

Miramar Entertainment Park - directly from the hotel's entrance

Looks familiar? This is located opp Miramar

Shihlin Night Market

Tried the infamous mee sua

Glutinous Rice

He was really happy

Bonding with daddy

I had my shaved iced mango.. and him ice cream!
Hubby contacted his old friend, Tony on the day we were leaving CingJing. It was really good that he had time for us in Taipei the next day, and brought us around. The only down side was, I didn't get to shop much in Taipei .

Reached Jiufen where it used to be coal and gold mine


Waterfall - the colour apparently caused by pollutant

Hubby's friend then brought us to the seaside. It was the best experience in Taiwan in the entire trip, at least for IZ and I.

Then we went for the Sand Carving Exhibition:

Golden Award! This dragon is unmistakably remarkable

On the last day of our trip, was Dragon Boat Festival. Hotel served dumplings at breakfast table.

At the airport - heading home sweet home

I didn't know this was MuMu - IZ taught me.. I learnt something..

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