Friday, 4 January 2013

IZ loves reading?

Not sure if it was coz he wanted to read or coz he wanted to escape from bedtime (as if he could)..

He has been saying "poo poo" for past two nights when I put him to sleep.. And made me put him on the toilet seat and read to him. "Mommy read story book" he would say.

I brought in some new ones from the shelves and asked him, "so, do you know how to read?" and was about to start my story on how we learn to read in school (hoping he wouldn't cry again tomorrow) when he nodded his head and said "yes".. Then he pointed to the cat and said "cat".. The fish and said "pish".. The crab and said "Pan cake".. (Pang xie!!!)..

Impressive! :-D


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