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Lesson B for Bubbles: 17th Jan'13

My poor son was down with fever on Sun, and confirmed with HFMD on Mon. It was so terrible, he cried in pain every now and then. There were a few ulcers in his mouth, and not to mention all the rashes and blisters on his hands and legs. Nevertheless, I’m glad the worst is over. He didn’t eat nor drink much on Mon and Tue, I guess I wouldn’t want to eat nor drink too. Since Wed, he was showing sign of recovery. His blisters were drying up; he could drink milk and had diluted porridge for dinner.
And so, he has been absent from school for few days. I asked if he wants to learn the letter B. He says yes. So I brought out the materials. Yes, this time, I’m well prepared!
He was so excited and wanted to dig into the items bag immediately, but I made him sit and sang the greeting song. This time, he swayed to my singing and he also chipped in when I sang “hello issac hello..” and he sang “hello mommy”. I’m so sure he would enjoy the lessons by the day.
I told him we were going to learn the letter B and produced the feely. He was “impressed” by my feely and touched it. I guided his hand to trace the letter and then let him do it. I think he’s doing great. I told him B for bubbles, and he repeated.
Tracing letter B on feely
And then we listened to the rhyme for letter B. He wasn’t that patient, by the time the first round finished; he sneaked behind me to get the items bag. Maybe I should give it a name, like “treasure bag” or something. I managed to keep the bag till the song finished.
He was very excited when it’s time for B items. He took out one by one and he could tell all of it except the bus that I do agree it doesn’t exactly look like a bus. Haha! I was pretty satisfied with myself as I prepared blue block, blue ball, basketball.. hahahaha!
Excited about the B items

Feely and B items
The thing about our lesson is his powerful energy, flowing all the time, he could hardly sit still without jumping on to everything. I have to keep up with his energy and go with his flow, for learning should be in a fun way.
I brought out the magnetic board to write, he refused to let me write on it. He got hold of it and started drawing Humpty Dumpty in circles, and heeding Jann’s advice, I helped him to add one line over his circle to make it looks like B. I guess he was amazed. And then he took over the whole board and started drawing Humpty Dumpty. When I say, let me teach him how to spell bubbles, he refused at first, but relented. So I wrote the word under the wall.
Insisted on drawing Humpty

Somehow managed to spell out for him, under his Humpty
Jann’s guide was to play bubbles, but I’ve decided he’s not in the best condition to play bubbles late at night and then wet his blisters and all. So, I managed to brainstorm an idea, to let him play bubbles pack! Hahaha.. I kept 2 types of bubbles pack for lesson use, and I asked him to step on them. The smaller bubbles popped but not the bigger ones. What a disappointment, but I took it as giving him a comparison, one with sound and one without sound. He followed the same and say “have sound” and “no sound”. At least mission accomplished, note to self, to bring him to a park to play bubbles after his recovery.
Popping bubbles pack
 I guess he doesn't understand why I asked him to trace using finger, while only pens leave trace. He used his magnetic pen and traced the letter himself. Maybe I should change to tracing using a pen? But using fingers are what feely is for right?
He initiated to trace using his magnetic pen
When asked during bedtime, what B is for.. he says BUBBLES.. the lesson was indeed a good one!

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