Sunday, 20 January 2013

End of One Week Quarantine

Although one week is up, we'll have to seek clearance from doctor before sending him back to school. I think this is a good SOP.

Anyway, last night, upon seeing IZ looking to restless and pitiful after staying home for a week, hubby suggested to bring him out for a stroll at somewhere with not many people.

We were driving to the Changi Beach Point when I suggested we should pray at Tua Pek Kong temple first, in case IZ would get too tired after the stroll.

IZ kicked his legs happily when hubby parked the car, and excitedly we got down. From far, we saw a family with a very small baby. Our hearts skipped a little. We didn't pray using joss sticks, we did only with our hands and rushed back to our car,

It was really sad that when we arrived at Changi Beach Point, the car park was full and when we finally managed to find a lot, we realized the point was closed for public due to upgrading or what. They built walls around. :-(

We managed to stroll just near the car park so IZ could get some fresh air. He refused to get back to the car thenafter.. We had to coax and reason with him that the place was dark and it was closed. There was nothing we could do. But he kept saying "I want go out". My poor son..

He inherited my genes! My can't-stay-at-home-more-than-a-day genes! Hahaha!

And so we told him if the weather is good tomorrow (which is today), we'll bring him to the beach and let him play with the sand. He agreed, but his expression was blank on the way home. It was a complete switch from the ride out.

And then it dawned upon me that hubby is working today! Which means I do not have the car. So much of "we", I have to do it myself.

But instead of sneakily bringing him out later, I've decided to bring him to doctor and see if he can already get a clearance.

Initially I wanted to bring him to doctor on Mon or Tue when his spots are gone. They have crusted for days but they are not disappearing yet despite my diligent calamine lotion. Although I have to admit the spots did reduce.

So, I'm crossing my fingers and hope we could get clearance later.

Edited at 3pm:
Doctor says there are still spots on palm that are turning black, look pinkish, and not completely charred, so he can't give any clearance. Even if he does, the school will not clear him WOH.....

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