Sunday, 20 January 2013

Lesson B for Bear: 19th Jan'13

I've been doing lessons with him pretty frequently this week as IZ is quarantined for HFMD. For those of you wish to know more of his ordeal and tips, you can read the post IZ & HFMD.

So, hubby asked him if he wants to do lesson with Mommy, he said yes.

We started with greeting song and he participated actively. I think the song is catchy and he likes it very much.

Then I took out the feely and asked him to trace. I was a little surprised as he started tracing the right way.

Then I took out the feely and asked him to trace. I was a little surprised as he started tracing the right way. I then produced the extra magnetic pen we have from the broken mini board we had, as IZ likes to trace with pen as well.

Cheeky boy tracing feely

We listened to the rhyme for B but I couldn’t take out the board to write the word Bear as he would insist on drawing and then the lesson will go down the hill.

He excitedly wanted the treasure bag and took the B items out one by one and said the name out, except the black bean. Amazing how he doesn’t know the box, and the bus just the other day, he could remember now. He still refused to put in the items into the treasure bag, but he wanted to play with them. Just as well, as the most important thing is, learn through play.

Knowing most of the B items

"Eating" banana, one of his favorite fruits
As we’ve done a bit of the art supposedly to make a bear face mask collage, I produced the same thing, and asked IZ to add more brown paper. He likes to glue & pat (as taught in Abrakadooddle Class). But this time, unlike the Lesson B for Bear: 24th Jun’12, he refused to put on the mask. So, I put on the mask instead and marched while we watch Bear Went On The Mountain video.


and glue

who's the bear?
Then I tried to spell the word bear, but he wasn’t interested.

As the lesson was a little short, and he said he wanted painting, I took out the bubbles pack and cut a few small pieces for him to play paint and stamp.

Painting.. his passion!

The artwork
Putting up on the wall

We've done A & B!

He insisted the mask to be on his bookshelf
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Sarah Ong said...


Do you cut out the alphabet feely yourself? what paper do you use and do you write the alphabet yourself? Or bought it from Jann.

I attended Jann class last year.


IZ Mum said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for dropping by.

I cut the feely myself. Found the right alphabet size here:

I printed the template, then pasted them on the vanguard sheet (or manila card some called it) overturned, then I cut the alphabet out.

Easier that way than tracing. :-)

Sarah Ong said...


thanks for your sharing. You do the feely yourself or you let your son collage the thing on the feely?


IZ Mum said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm really not sure why.... but I've completely missed your last msg! So sorry about that.. I did the feely myself.. it's good idea to let them do it themselves though!

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