Monday, 21 January 2013

End of Abrakadoodle reise

I meant to share on IZ art lernen-reise in Abrakadoodle earlier on, but have not got a chance to sit and write to it. How and why I chose Abrakadoodle in the first place? Please read The Start of Our Art Lernen-Reise: 25th Aug'12.
The lessons started with greeting song, if I remember correctly; there were 2 that I’ve heard. One of them is the “This is the way..” and the teacher would make the actions out, eg. “This is the way we draw our lines”, we draw an invisible line using our fingers from top to bottom, etc. Then she would tell a story related to the art & craft for the day. Upon completion, there would be a show & tell session.
IZ is really into drawing and painting, so, why did I pull him out?
Oh well, he is really into drawing and painting.. but Abrakadoodle is not just about drawing and painting. They do cutting, pasting, stamping, which are the least of IZ’s interest. I'm not saying they are not good. ;-)
So, what does he do in the class?
He would be interested in the vacuum cleaner kept at a corner. He would meddle with other materials, NOT on his own desk. He would open up the drawers to cabinets and wow about all the things he could see there. Considered lucky he didn’t break the clay artwork in there. He would be playing with balloons in the class, but not exactly the work.
Coz he only loves DRAWING and PAINTING, that’s WHY..
If there was no paint or brush or crayon introduced that day, fat hope he would stay for 5 mins at his desk.
I survived 1 term there. I could still feel my face burning when he disturbed the show & tell session by crawling and sitting or lying right in front of the teacher or pointing to the poor kids’ art and started babbling. And he would want to sit right in front of the teacher when she was demonstrating. I felt so sorry to the other parents; I wish I could dig a hole and bury my head in there.
Thus, to cut story not exactly short, I’ve decided to pull him out. To cut the story short, our lernen-reise ended in Abrakadoodle somewhere in Nov. I would teach him how to cut at home (in which he cut our helper’s finger), paste on the sticker books (he would prefer to stick everywhere else but the book)..
At one point, I asked myself if he is a hyperactive kid?
Although we stopped attending art class, we’ve been doing arts at home most of the times. Coz he loves to draw. He would ask to “glue and pat” whenever he feels like it.
Below are some of the work we’ve done together, mainly did by him messily, while I helped to complete every now and then. He gets the idea, and chose the colours while I helped to put them up together..
I must say the presentation is really nice. The classmates were from very decent background, speaking very proper English (most of them are expatriates so much that I felt inferior coz I speak Malaysian-Singorean English.. not that I'm ashamed of my command of English.. inferior.. that is.. haha!) and IZ enjoyed going to the classes.

PS: Meanwhile, my search for suitable art class for him continues.. I really do not wish to deprive him of any chance to enhance his passion for drawing. :-)


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