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Lesson A for Apple - 13th Jan'13

I was very inspired to see a fellow mummy who has recently completed her fun class for her gal. She started when her gal was 2years and 4 months, and completed when she turned 3 years and 9 months. I hope to be able to be as determined as her, and hopefully IZ loves learning as much as her girl. :-D
I’ve tried conducting A (A for Apple and A for Ant) and B (B for Bear) when he was 18 months old, although he actually could do it ONLY IF I was determined. I chose to stop the lessons as he was not anywhere near talking more than a few words.
So this morning when IZ woke up looking for things to do, I decided there and then to do first lesson of letter A again.
I quickly took out files from Jann’s lesson and prepared quickly. A reminder to ownself, to be prepared for next class even before he is ready, so when the time comes, no time will be wasted telling him ‘ok, mommy prepare things for you now..”
Surprisingly, he was really patient to wait for me to gather the materials.
We started off with the greeting song. It has been slightly more than half a year since the last time I sang the song for his lessons, so he was surprised and happy.
Then I took out the feely letter I’ve done and guided him to trace the word A. This is an improvement, as in previous trials, I’ve not done up my feely letters yet. The best part was, he could say A when I brought out the feely. It is another tremendous improvement on his side. He could recognize most of the letters now; I guess it’s really a perfect time to do the phonics with him.
We listened to the phonic song of letter A. The confusing part (on my side, not his) is phonic sound for A in Leap Frog Letter Factory sounded like a scream “AHHHH!” while the phonic sound in the CD is “eh”.. “AHHHH” reminds me of how our helper pronounce “ants”.. “AHHHHNTS”..
He found the song catchy I guess, coz he was pointing to his ankle and mimicked.
Then I asked him to dig out letter A items from the bag and he repeated after me, although he found difficulty pronouncing asparagus. This time, due to the last minute, I managed to prepare asparagus, aeroplane, ambulance and a real red apple. He refused to put the items back into the bag.

Feely and A items
I didn't want to write on the flash card as I want him to do it himself when he's able to write
I’ve also grabbed the aeroplane 3-piece puzzle for this letter. He could do it really easily. I’ll do a post on puzzles when I can.

He finished the puzzle before I could even switch my camera on

Kumon Step 1 - 3 pc puzzle
As I’ve used Jann’s cut-out of an apple to do the glue-and-pat as Abrakadoodle (see The Start of Our Art Lernen-Reise) called it, I’ve decided to do away straight with the apple tree that we didn’t manage to do in our Lesson A for Apple previously.
I noticed one of my flaw was not to tell him what to do first. I assumed he knows what to do when I asked him to finger print onto the green paper meant as tree top. And so he decided he wanted to use the brush as well. I turned it back again and asked him to finger print a few more as apple. Then I’ve got an idea.. I turned to the side he painted using the brush and asked him to glue-and-pat the remaining red paper. Tah-rah! We’ve got an apple tree with one side full of apples!
He prefers painting than printing

Fave "subject"

Showing off his work


The full of apple side

The lesser apple side
As he really love painting and art related, it was near impossible to get him to keep the brush.
I let him paint a while more and asked if he wanted to cut the apple instead. He said yes, but he took only a bite.
End of our first lesson, and I think it’s a great start. Now when I prompt him, ambulance starts with.. he would reply "A".. aeroplane starts with.. he would reply "A" and so he proudly showed daddy his apple tree and said loudly 'apple tree!".

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learnthefunway said...

hey Colleen,
Great blog you have! Your son must be enjoying himself with your fun lessons!
I remember the last time you told me you are a working mum, are you a full time housewife now? From your post it seems your lessons are conducted in the day time :)
My boy is getting cheeky, he's attending his nursery today:)
Do keep up the good works! Hope to see you completed the lessons too, Jia You!

IZ Mum said...

Hello Chloe & Brayden's Mommy (I'm so sorry I don't know your name),

Thank you for dropping by.

My son has indeed started to enjoy the lessons. :-D I'm still a working mum, lessons are mostly conducted over weekends or when I had to work from home.

Tell me about them being cheeky, to the max! But adore them to the max too! Haha! hope yours enjoy school..

Thanks for your encouragement and you're definitely my inspiration, we jiayou together!

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