Tuesday, 22 January 2013

IZ Back to School: 22nd Jan'13

We went to the doctor to get clearance on Sun at the End of One Week Quarantine but doctor was not able to clear him due to the spots on his palms that are not completely charred.
Last night I checked on him again and found that the spots are black, so I thought it’s time to bring him to the doctor again. At first I wanted to let Ah Nah and my bro to bring him there, but I’ve decided to let my reputation at work scarred a little more by texting my M that I would be late to work to get clearance for IZ.
I want to be with IZ in most if not all of his important moments.
One good thing about IZ, he's not scared of doctors. I've seen some kids screaming their lungs out at the sight of the clinic entrance, worse when they were entering the doctor's room. Thank goodness I do not have to go through that. Pretend play is indeed useful in IZ's case.

Eating biscuits while waiting for our turn to see doctor

So we went to the doctor, and were given a Medical Certificate stated:
FIT for School/Childcare for a period of 1 day(s) from 22 Jan 2013 to 22 Jan 2013 (inclusive).
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the statement, and I clarified with the counter staff.
ONE day?!
As in he is fit only for today? Tomorrow cannot go to school again?
She says, yes, confirmed, ONE day.
“Correct me if I’m wrong. Did I read this as fit only for ONE day to school?”
She confirmed again that it’s not wrong.
Then it dawned upon me that the doctor stated ONE day, as in he is fit to go to school today. Anything happened AFTER today, he’s not liable. I’m not sure if this is norm.
Nevertheless, I brought him to school despite having about an hour to school dismissal. We arrived at the end of snack time.
He cried when I passed him to Ms. Fizah, but he was fine after. Luckily my friend is on leave today and she took pictures for me.
It’ll take some time for him to get used to going to school again, but I’m sure he prefers going to school than quarantined at home, ANYTIME.

The boy watched from far holding on to his comfort item

This looks like even further.. but well, at least he wasn't crying

Witnessed an accident on the way to the clinic.. SCDF arrived after we're done with doctor..

End of One Week Quarantine
A week after recovery
Adult gets HFMD too


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