Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lesson C for Crocodile: 23rd Jan'13

We are at letter C this week! Yippie! I’ve managed till B the last time I tried, I’m sure we’ll get this going, GAN BA TE NE!
Gretting song was a breeze, he looked into my eyes, waved and sang “hello mommy” when it was his turn. It’s so fun!
We started the lesson by tracing the feely.
IZ knows the letter C, so I told him C is for.. and he said CRO-CA-DAL! Oh, well done IZ, C is for CROCODILE. And C is for COTTON too, and let him feel the cotton on the letter.
Then we listened to the rhyme of C. As usual, for the past 4 lessons, he couldn’t sit till the second round of the song. Am thinking if I should just pause the CD after the first round. Hehehe..
He was again, very excited when we took out C items from the treasure bag. I had a full bag this time. And I like to watch the excitement. Hahaha!
Feely & C Items - see his hand reaching for the chocholate?!
(He knows all except capsicum and crane)
But I did a mistake, I shouldn’t have given him the piece of chocholate! He was too distracted eating it.. hmm.. all this because he didn’t eat proper dinner. Hubby warned me not to give snack right after dinner so that he’ll not skip dinner every night.
Eating chocholate hungrily

How a crab walk? Side way!
Art & Craft

Art & Craft

Eating again


Crocodile & the monkeys.. when I sang the song of Crocodile eating the Monkeys, he says, the monkeys are in the Crocodile's mouth.. haha!
(I have not coloured them, waiting for THE DAY he could do proper colouring, then I do not have to buy too many colouring books eh)

Back to drawing.. and so I drew C is for CROWN!

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