Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lesson C for Cake: 26th Jan'13

We were  playing puzzles and all sort of things when he suddenly pointed to the letter A feely on the wall and insisted I take it down for him.
“I want take out” he said.
I asked him why, but he just repeated that he wanted to take it out. So I took it out and handed it to him. He brought the feely to his desk and then he ran to the study. He tried to open the door.
“Mommy bag!” and banged on the door.
I was puzzled, didn’t know what he was referring to.
Impatiently, he went back to his desk, and pointed on the floor beside it, and said “Mommy bag put here!”
Then I got it.
He wanted to do lesson!
I asked if he wanted to do lesson, he said "YES!"
I was really happy coz he asked for it after just 5 lessons. And I was happier coz I am now more prepared than ever to do next lesson anytime.
And so we sang the greeting song, I had 100% of his attention, and he was especially excited when it was his turn to wave and say “hello mommy”.
Then I told him we are learning the letter C, and produced the feely I pasted with cotton. Again, I told him, C for Cotton. Suddenly he ran away to the pool of puzzles on the floor and said “cotton candy”.
I was really impressed he could “relate” the cotton I mentioned of the cotton wool on the feely and cotton candy on his puzzles.

Relating cotton candy and the cotton on the feely
Then we listened to the rhyme of C. This time, he listened to me the second time, as I took out the crocodile and sang. He liked it when I moved the crocodile as if it was creeping towards him.
Then it was C items time! Excitedly he took out one by one. This time, I didn’t put in chocolate. He still couldn’t get capsicum or crane, but it doesn’t matter, he will be there.
Today, I find myself doing better in the C items, when I paused for him to play around with the items. He has wonderful ideas to play with them.
C items

Trying to put the cow on a car ride

Probably this would be a better way


And then we did the art & craft for cake.
Glue & Pat decoration paper & cotton wool

Setting up the candles

He counted 1-2-3 candles!

And we sang Happy Birthday To You

Our accomplishment thus far
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