Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Issac writes..

He has been drawing for the longest I remembered.

He could make deliberate lines and circles, even things with meaning before he turned 2. I do not mean to benchmark him against the milestone as a mean of comparison but I am always interested to know if there's anything we could do to bring his passion to soar further.

While I do lessons with him, I do not force him to know or memorise all the letters. In fact, we have been identifying letters only randomly, as and when. That is why I do not put up A-Z on our wall but a letter each time, a letter he learnt each time.

There's a reason for this: I do not want him to feel bored when his teacher teaches him ABC.. or would they even teach him ABC? There's no such thing as ABC theme no? :-p Ocassional identification is all he needed to be excited about lessons, get praised when he is able to get it, and work harder on those he doesn't know, to get his reward = praises.. haha!
Hubby and I knew he knows letters when he exclaimed A and B when he saw the letters on the lift at our block.

Occasionally he would go O or some other letters when he sees them.

This week, he surprised me by writing a few letters while watching the Leap Frog, Letter Factory. Ocassionally, he would say "I want watch Letter Factory"...

He wrote these without looking at the tv. Watched the tv, turned his back and wrote on the board. I didn't test him, he just showed me he could.

24mo: He said "A" after he wrote this

25mo: Letter H - he didn't write this in "correct strokes" - but I don't mind at all

25mo: Letter L

25mo: Letter O

And he "decorated" the O to a Humpty Dumpty - this shows learning is fun!

Letter Q - almost there!

P/S: other than Leap Frog DVDs (yes, they do wonders as IZ learnt to count to 20 from there too, I believe), we should also thank Ah Nah and my bro for spending time to teach him at home while we were at work.


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