Tuesday, 22 January 2013

IZ's Speech Reise

As I've shared when he was 19mo (IZ's Speech Reise: 6th Sep'12), he was nowhere near vocal.

He speaks more when he past 22 months milestone.

And by 24 months, he is talking.. non-stop.. even in his sleep..

No prize for who can guess what he speak about the most.. what else but clocks and Humpty Dumpty..

Now, at 25 months, he could recite (or singing- off-tune) of Humpty Dumpty in his express version, as well as Five Little Monkey, not the WHOLE song, but the first phrase. That's good enough for me.

He would order us to "sit here" or "sit there", "Daddy come", "I want eat donut" (the "to" missing somewhere.. I know.. :-p), "Ah Nah please help.."

If you ask him about what colour is this thing, he would say "red colour" and not just "red".. well, most of the times, not all the times..

He's still confused by "you" and "me". He would say "daddy scold you" or "no TV for you".. hahaha!

Currently, I'm enjoying his dreamtalk.. "I want iPad!" repetitively while he sleeps.. or "I want drink water!".. or "I want milk!"

The best part about them knowing how to talk?

"Big packet, I want change diaper!"


"I want see doctor!"


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