Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lesson B for Bear - 24th Jun’12

It is quite difficult for me to do classes and take photo the same time. I have to rely on the dad, who are not doing a good job, but better than none. Hahaha..
We woke up, and he wanted to sit on his table. So I asked if he wants to do some work. He nodded his head. So I grabbed my stuffs out and started. 
Waiting in anticipation
I started off by letting him trace the capital and lower case of B using marker. 
Guiding him to trace
Then I asked him to take out B items from the bag, naming each as he took them out, and when he placed them back in.
Blue ball!
B items!
Then I took out the bear mask and asked him to put glue. He enjoyed putting glue on, and then placing the brown papers on the mask.
Putting the glue on
Pasting brown paper
I put the mask on him after, took a picture of him and showed him. He was happy. I tried to read Goldilocks and the 3 Bears to end the class, but he wanted more. 
IZ wearing bear mask he made
Unsuccessful story reading
I didn’t prepare for more, so I grabbed a piece of drawing block and asked the dad to draw a bear face and let him paint with blue. 
Painting the bear blue

Blue Bear
Display his work

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