Tuesday, 10 July 2012

First Day in PG – 25th Jun’12

As I mentioned in my post on Last English Class in MLG, we are moving on to Playgroup (PG) in CS Montessori, located just opposite our place, on roof top in NEX.
I have applied for 3 half days to company him to school. I had mixed feelings about it, to let go completely so he’ll not cry or not miss anything in his childhood. Thus, I have decided to bite the bullet and “enjoy” his crying moments in school.
On the first day, he was still sleeping at 7.40am. School starts at 8.30am, I had to wake him up and prepare him to school.
Sleeping prince
Ready to go to school - not knowing what holds

We arrived pretty early to school, at about 8.20am, temperature checked and cleared. Then we waited for our turn to check mouth, hands and feet. Teacher Susan took off his socks and checked. Quite detail I would say.
Then Teacher Susan sent him into the room, and asked him to wave bye to me. There he started crying. I asked Teacher Susan to quickly close the door. I couldn’t bear seeing him crying. Selina (our helper) already started to tear. I was too depressed to feel anything.
Then I watched from the CCTV, he was crying so badly and kept pointing to the door. Forgive me, there’s not much photo from all the crying as my heart broken into pieces, I felt weak all over I didn’t think much of taking picture.

IZ sitting on teacher's lap
As time flies, he settled down during Montessori time. He was able to sit and do something. I was quite proud of him at that point of time.
Crying at the start of Montessori time - at the most right standing

Teacher guiding IZ at the top of the pic
Doing it himself

Made a friend
Returning the material to the shelf - top right corner
When class ended, he was crying all over again.


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