Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Second Day in PG – 26th Jun’12

He started crying at temperature checkpoint, I asked Selina to send him in, I followed halfway.
I went down for prata breakfast to take a breather from seeing him crying and went up again to be tortured.
Supposedly yummy prata
Just like the first day, he was engrossed in Montessori material that he forgot about crying for that short while.
His fave Montessori time
Guided by teacher, holding on to his water bottle
Standing on the most right - hanging on to his comfort item
From the CCTV, I saw that he cried on and off and hang on to his water bottle the whole time. He finished the whole bottle at the end of school.He cried when he came out from class.
Still hanging on to already emptied bottle
Knocked out after school


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